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September 14, 2005

Principles? What Principles?

My previous blog made me think:

How come the few principles I have in my life just vanish into thin air when it comes face to face with comfort?

Conscience: Be environment friendly and use cloth diapers!
Logic: Who will clean the mess, wash the cloth, sterilize it, dry it? No way! Disposables
are the best!

Conscience: Use more burp cloths and bibs!
Logic: When the baby is spitting up, I can’t go look for a "Spit-up
cloth"! It’s just a marketing ploy! Why else do we have tissues for?

Conscience: Warm the bottle in boiling water! Save water!
Logic: The baby is hungry and crying; warm it in running water! Save time!

Conscience: Switch off the TV if you are not watching!
Logic: I will forget to switch it on again during my favourite program! I need background noise all the time!

Conscience: Go for a walk everyday at least for 30 mins!
Logic(s): It’s raining!
The baby is sleeping/crying/hungry/cold/cranky!
I am tired!
I have work to do!

Conscience: Have SOME principles!
Logic: Who is going to judge me?

I am ashamed!

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Just Like That said...

Ok, so you're ashamed, but am really liking you!

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