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September 20, 2005

Needle thoughts.

Today Ashu was given BCG vaccination. This is the third time she is being needled in less than 5 months and my heart skips a beat every time she curls her mouth and cries with pain. This time HD could nt come with us as he was held in a meeting and it made me all the more depressed. Also, the paediatrician could nt do it the first time as Ashu was already crying and kicking. He had to do it again. And I had to hold her legs and hands and stop her from moving. What would ve gone through that little mind, I wonder? A stranger causing her pain while her Amma just looking and doing nothing. I am sure there will be lot of situations like this one all our lives where I will be causing her pain because I love her and she will hate me for that. It was not long ago when my mom said some things to me because she cared and I hated her for that. What goes around come around, I guess!

On the brighter side, Ashu has put on enough weight and it is a huge relief.

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