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September 28, 2005

Google Logos.

This month Google celebrates it's 7th birthday. I know this because it says so in the logo. I have always noticed the logo going through cute changes on special occasions but only today it occured to me to see who was behind these good ideas. Dennis Hwang. What a cool job, I say!

Here are some of the logos I really loved:

On World Water Day- On Van Gogh's Birthday- On Valentines Day- During the Olympics in Athens- On Einsteins Birthday- Leap Year- Holi- On Hitchcock's Birthday- Check out if you want more.


Anonymous said...

Cool one........

Unknown said...
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Premalatha said...

Did you save these? or how did you get these logos in one day?

today it is the cricket world cup logo.

Just Like That said...

Very nice.

Haven't see any of these, does Google do the same in India, or is it that I haven't noticed? (a review site) does do this occasionally

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