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September 20, 2005

Sex and the city.

Last night I was flipping through channels and there was "Sex and the City" in one of them. Usually I watch only CNN, BBC and Cartoon network from the 100+ channels we get. OK, before you think I am full of it, let me explain. Every other channel is French, German, Italian or Turkish! Every Hollywood movie is dubbed in one of these languages and all my favourite characters in my favourite sitcoms speak gibberish (to me). Now that the situation is clear, let me move on. So as usual I started to change the channel while all of a sudden I see breasts. Those are nt that uncommon in that show you must say but this time they were being put to use for the specific reason they were designed for. Yes, there was also a small baby involved and Miranda, one of the characters was breast feeding or rather trying to! The baby was nt latching on and she was talking to Carrie. Carrie had this shocked expression looking at the engorged breasts and Miranda was struggling to make the baby latch but the baby would nt. At last something I could relate to in a TV show and that too in "Sex and the city”! I watched it until the baby latched on and started to drink and Miranda had this "relieved" expression and I could totally connect. If only I could understand what they were talking too. I don't think I can ever see breasts again in the same light I used to anymore.


alone in my dreams said...

hehehe... :)
I should ask my wife if she shares the same opinion!

Anonymous said...

Hope to see Ashu's photos in your photo blog!!


B o o said...

Hi aimd! I am sure she ll agree with me at least a little! But as long as men dont start thinking that way, I dont see a problem! ;)

Lakshmi, I just put some photos. chk them out.

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