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September 03, 2005

Mummy, I am on my tummy!

Ashu rolled over to her tummy when she was exactly 4 months old! But she has nt mastered the art of rolling over to her back again! So she will roll over to her tummy, look at the things around her in this new vantage point and after some time will get bored and start crying until someone comes and flips her! This has become a routine now! The first time she rolled over, we were so excited and could nt believe our eyes! The second time she rolled over, we were excited! And the times after that, we did nt even notice! But we wanted to record in the camcorder and were waiting like the cameramen in Serengeti wait for the Cheetah to start chasing a poor Gazelle!

Every time we switch on the camera, she will go like a statue and watch the camera without blinking! Possibly, she thinks it’s a game and does nt want to blink until the camera gives up and starts blinking when the battery is down! Anyway, couple of days went and still no video evidence of her rolling over! And then one day, I waited with my camera hiding from her view! She did nt move a muscle! After 20 mins of recording the boring unmoving baby, I gave up and started rewinding the tape to erase that part! When the camera was winding, as if on cue, this little devil rolls over and looks at me with a "Gotcha!" expression!

Also, gone are the days when she will stay where we put her without moving an inch! Now, it’s either her crib or the floor! Anything else is getting really dangerous! Oh, how my baby girl is growing!!!

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