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January 30, 2009

About favorite girls, new house and Ikea.

Boo : Ashu, you are my favorite girl!
Ashu : (smiles)
Boo : Who is your favorite girl, Ashu?
Ashu : Antu is my favorite girl, Amma.
Boo- Wow, thats nice. Who is Appas favorite girl?
Ashu - You, Amma!
Boo - (preens)

On that note, we are settling down in the new house in a very slow and a very steady phase. I think by 2010 I should ve emptied all the cartons! It was no fun when Hd could nt find his razor and we had to go through 20 odd boxes to find it. (and it was sitting in bathroom all along, the sneaky little thing!) My back is permanently bent these days. The only saving grace is the school run. Its a 10 mins scenic drive to Ashus school as opposed to the 45 mins horror route before. That's the reason we moved, by the way.

More later. Since we have so much stuff, we are off to Ikea to buy more stuff so that we can keep all the old stuff we have in the new stuff we buy. Makes sense?

January 23, 2009


Last day in this house. The movers will be here at 9 am tomorrow. This time tomorrow, we would be sleeping at the new place. Sigh. Two years of our lives packed in boxes and bags. I was on my feet all day today packing. Phew. Why do we have so much stuff? Whats the point? As my sister had warned me, kitchen is the worst room. Shes sure a wise one! Packing away the kitchen stuff seemed like a never ending job. Even now, I'm waiting for the dishwasher to stop so that I can pack away the rest of the crockery. If only we did nt have a stomach to be fed. Life would be so much better and simpler. Indha oru jaan vayaru irukke...

Will surely miss this little flat. The awesome view of the city from the living room window. The fabulous typical Swiss view from the other side of the living room. Snowy mountains, a farm with cows with bells, horses, apple trees,... The small kindergarten below and how Ashu watches the kids play. How she spots the horses and cows and the rare fox that makes an appearance and squeals with delight. How I go to the balcony and look down to see if the car is parked and Hd has arrived home, the full moon nights where we switch off all the lights, cuddle in the sofa together and watch the moon rise while I hum
"chandni raatein"...

This was Antus first home. Bye, bye Schulstrasse. You ll always be fondly remembered.

January 13, 2009

Hoping to get well soon.

So much to write but the entire household is down with the flu. It all started on Friday afternoon when Ashu threw up her lunch and started burning up with fever. She was worse on Saturday and we could nt even move out the house. On the same night, I started shivering with high fever and it was horrible. On Sunday, Antu fell sick and did nt sleep the whole night. Hd started popping pills afraid he ll be next. On Monday morning Ashu felt a little better and absolutely wanted to go to school (first day after the winter break) and Hd dropped and picked her up. While Antu and I slept the whole time. But I guess sending her to school was a bad decision as the fever came back and she had a nasty cough too. Rushed to the Doctor in the evening with the both the kids. As always, the Doctor did nt give any meds for Ashu. Asked to continue the inhaler for her and gave Antu Paracetamol after confirming with a blood test that it was indeed viral. Ashus whining was an all time high, Antu was in pain, I was tired and Hd could nt even attend an important phone call because Ashu decided to throw up just when I put her to bed! Oh man! Awful. Hd was the pillar of strength, poor thing. Cooking and cleaning and taking care of sickies but I could see he was losing it. Thankfully we are a little better today and he could go to office. Or you would ve read about us in today's headlines. "Husbands kills wife, kids and dies a slow and painful death by accidentally shooting himself in his toe instead of his head". What? You think I would want a quick and easy one for him after he does off me and my babies?

Wanted to write about my first ever blog meet(yay!) and so much stuff about our India trip. Will do so soon. Meanwhile, you can read about the blog meet here, here and here.

January 07, 2009

Anniyan becomes Ambi!

We are back, Folks! And this happened on the last day of our India trip. :(

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