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April 27, 2006


Dear Arushi,
Happy Birthday. I thought writing a letter would be a wonderful birthday gift to you and I plan to do it every year. But don't get influenced by a certain K movie and its annoying kid. If I die and you read my letters later, just make sure your father does nt marry one of his ex- girl friends or rather make sure he does nt marry at all. Oh God, what a way to start a letter. Anyway, now thats out of the way, lets talk about you. Arushi, you are the best thing that has happened to my life. Period. Nothing can ever change that. Absolutely nothing. It does nt matter that you are so cute. And have curly hair just like me. That you resemble so much of your father. That you are so small and so sweet. That you learn things very quickly. You make us proud by doing so many things. We would love you the same and cherish you in spite of all these too.

Last year this time, I did nt even know it was going to be your birthday or that your were a girl. Imagine that! And now, we are planning your Birthday. When I ordered the cake and asked them to write "Happy 1st Birthday" on it, I became speechless for a minute. How can you be one already? You can do so many things now. I have always taken everything for granted and never paid close attention to anything before. But now after you came into my life, everything you do amazes me. When I was newly married and some of my friends used to talk about their children all the time, I used to get a little annoyed and wonder if they can take about anything else at all. But now I know that theres nothing more important than your kids. And seeing them grow inch by inch and learn step by step is an awesome journey. Thanks for making me understand that. Even the idea of blogging came to me after you were born. Because there is so much to say when you have a baby however boring it gets for others!

The midwife who delivered you told us that you are very lucky to have such strong and caring parents. That was only until you came out. Now we are the lucky ones to have such a smart and trouble-free kid in our hands. Whenever I complain about you or become really impatient with you, you grandma reminds me how lucky I am to have such a nice kid and to stop complaining. I know she will tell the same even if you were Dennis the Menace. But this time she could be right. I mean, she IS right! I know that. But if I do get impatient or angry sometimes(!) its me not you. Until now that is. In your teenage, it would surely be you not me, remember that!

The dress is ready. The cake is ready. The guests are ready. The venue is decided. The party is all set. But I felt something was missing. I was nt doing anything personally. You are too special for me to let your birthday go without anything special from me. So this is for you. These words. This letter. I know I cant get away so cheaply from the next birthday onwards or if I am really lucky, from the one after that. I ll try to do more. Meanwhile, go ask your Appa what he has got for you. :)


April 26, 2006

Ayush Homam.

Update: Click here for Ashu's photos at the Ayush Homam.

Chennai was hot. I mean really HOT. You go to Chennai in Summer, or any other time for that matter, spend a few days, attend a wedding or an engagement or an Ayush Homam and then go back to wherever you are from, all you will remember is the horrible weather and the sweating. The mosquitoes, the lack of respect by the auto wallas, porters, etc.., the in-laws are just some added perks. I mean with this kind of a weather all year through, I don't blame them for being nasty. I would be too. For Gods sake, a person cant even come out of the shower without sweating like a pig. I don't know why people even bother to shower in the first place. All you need is a deodorant stick.

Anyway, the Ayush homam/star birthday of Ashu went well. HD and I had to sit by the Homam (Holy Fire) for one hour straight and what can be more cruel than that in Madras at its hottest peak. Added to that, we were in our traditional attires. He in his Silk Dhoti with bare chest glistening with sweat and me in a Silk 9 yards Saree with my huge tummy confusing my guests whether it was the Sreemadham(the pregnancy function)! After a while, Ashu had to sit in our laps and she was hell bent on helping the priests by throwing things into the fire. We endured all this in the only hope that Ashu will live to be hundred and share her Wimbledon prize money with her parents! Lets see. We will have a Video proof of our misery to blackmail her anyway.

Ashu was wearing silk paavadai(skirt) and was glittering from top to toe in various jeweleries. My mom got very upset that I did nt make her wear the Tiara she bought for Ashu. Yeah Right, Mom! Can somebody please tell her she had her chance to dress up babies and its my turn now? And I might get only one chance to do so? And if she actually listens to you, try your luck on my MIL too. But a different message for her. That she has got her first and only chance to dress up a baby girl and to actually show or at least fake some interest. I mean for 5 years I was listening to "Is there any good news" every week(!) and all for this lack of interest? I hope at least Ashu is in your will, MIL! (Hey, that rhymes!)

To add to the misery, Ashu got her ears pierced. I got so many mixed feedbacks about the gunshot method, that I decided to go with the traditional piercing with a copper needle. My dad bought a Spray and an ointment which will make the ears go numb. He applied it in his hands and after 15 minutes, asked me to pinch him. I did and he screamed. So he got very upset and locked himself in an AC(!) room. He did nt come out until Ashus ears were pierced. I am very sure Ashu is in his will! :) Ashu sat on my cousins lap and while HD and I held her head, hands and legs, the Aasaari(ear piercer) pierced her ears. HD turned his head away as he cud nt bring himself to look at Ashu crying in pain. I did nt feel anything. Guess, women/mothers are made for this. I just plopped the milk bottle in Ashus mouth and she quietened down immediately. Thats when I felt pity. Poor thing! Whats the need to pierce her ears, I don't know? Guess, we are just going with the flow and doing what we are supposed to do. I felt very bad that I did nt have the guts to rebel! And in a couple of months, we have to shave her head! Oh God! Why?

ps. Sorry for the long delay. Was busy with a million things!

April 14, 2006

Another blog. (God! I must be really jobless!)

What more can a Tamil blogger do on Tamil New Year's day? So here is "my" Tamil Blog. Hope to post at least once a week there. After writing two posts in Tamil I realize that I cant give up "my" English blog that easily. Probably a few more years of typing in Tamil and then I can. Provided I stick to blogging that long! Anyway, Happy Tamil New Years Day everyone and have a good weekend. I am off to Chennai today for Ashu's star birthday function to be held on Monday. She ll be sporting a new ear-ring when we come back. Ouch!

April 12, 2006

Phool hai anek kintu...

Yesterday I saw a TV programme on CNN IBN (I think!) on the Films Division of India animation, "Ek Anek Aur Ekta" of the 80s. Remember? Wonder why we dont get to see it these days on TV. What a cute animation it was! My sis and I used to be so upset if we did nt watch it from the beginning.As soon as the Films Division logo came on the screen, we would hope it was the "Ek Anek"animation. "Yeh Anek kya hai Didi?" So sweet! And only yesterday I came to know that the cute little voice of the singer belongs to Sadhna Sargam! Wow!

Check out the video here if you want to watch it using Windows Medial Player. Or here if you have Real Player. Let nostalgia take hold of you for a while. We need it! :)

April 10, 2006

Head weight

So you get into bed and then get into a fight with your hubby. You turn your back to him and try to sleep on the edge of the bed. The apology you are waiting to hear does nt come as expected. Instead you hear some snoring! Now, what do you do? Do you wake him up and demand an apology? Or do you just try to sleep on the edge of the bed with your back to him and hope he remembers to apologize the next day while you are paralyzed on your entire left side? If you wake him and try to talk to him, chances are he ll just snore away again while you are still talking. (That's the reason the fight started in the first place!) If you don't wake him up, he won't know why you are mad at him the next day and you have to start all over again. What a dilemma! Anyway, I just turned towards him and slept on the crook of his arm and paralyzed him instead! (My head's really heavy!) And the next day, no one was any wiser! Neither of the fight nor of the punishment! I did say my head's really heavy, right? With all that extra brain! :-)

April 04, 2006

Birthday Wishes to the Quick Tales Gal!

You dont know whether to comment in her post or not. Shes so popular. You ve just started. What will she think? Trying to (get) hit? Boring? Just another drop in the ocean? So you keep quiet. Then you get a chance to do something. You vote for her. You are disappointed when she does nt win and when she thanks her voters, you muster enough courage to drop a comment. You realize what a down-to-earth person she is even from the little you get to know about her. And today, well today is her birthday! :)

Ammani, thanks a bunch for lots of things your words have helped me with and have a super-duper Birthday! Do I dare ask how "old" are you? :)

ps. The above is the comment I left at Ammani's blog! Shes truly a genius and my true inspiration to write. And Thanks to Tilo for the scoop!
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