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April 04, 2006

Birthday Wishes to the Quick Tales Gal!

You dont know whether to comment in her post or not. Shes so popular. You ve just started. What will she think? Trying to (get) hit? Boring? Just another drop in the ocean? So you keep quiet. Then you get a chance to do something. You vote for her. You are disappointed when she does nt win and when she thanks her voters, you muster enough courage to drop a comment. You realize what a down-to-earth person she is even from the little you get to know about her. And today, well today is her birthday! :)

Ammani, thanks a bunch for lots of things your words have helped me with and have a super-duper Birthday! Do I dare ask how "old" are you? :)

ps. The above is the comment I left at Ammani's blog! Shes truly a genius and my true inspiration to write. And Thanks to Tilo for the scoop!


ammani said...

Feelings! Feelings! Emsun! Thank you very much, Boo for being so generous with the compliments. I'm really touched by your gesture. Thanks.

Aparna said...

My friend (who was pointed to this blog by her friend) pointed me to this blog, and I've been addicted to it for the past two days.

I've enjoyed reading it very much, laughed a lot, and decided my husband and I need to travel more (though now we'll have a three year old daughter tagging along).

Thanks for writing it.

Anonymous said...

Been a regular reader, but commenting for the first time... Nice. Ashu's pics are lovely and you write well.

I'll keep visiting.

Keep it coming.

tris said...

Boo - I had no idea you read me :-)

B o o said...

Ammani, my pleasure!

Anon, Thanks for coming by. Went by your blog and devoured every post! You are awesome! Looking forward to read more about your daughter, Summy!

the woman, Thanks for coming by. I have seen your comments at Dubukku's. So you are not a total stranger! :)

Tilotamma - Welcome! Who does nt read you, by the way? ;)

and so sorry for the delay in replying to all ur comments. The whole house looks like a hospital with everyone getting sick one after the other. It was very bad this time. For the first time in a week, I am able to even type a sentence without coughing like a TB patient!

piyaa said...

i know this is kinda VERY late in commenting to this..over the past few days have read all of your posts..they re lovely nd funny..And the feeling i'm having now is similar to the one you had when commenting on Ammani's blog..I just wish I'd been born 5 years back..

piyaa said...

I know I a VERY late in commenting this but I just had to tel you i read all of your posts last week and i absolutely loved every single one..The feeling I have right now is the one you had while commenting on Ammani's blog..Wish
I'd been born 5 years earlier.Still
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