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July 24, 2012

The One in which Ashu has Existential Crisis.

A couple of days ago after a bedtime story, I casually asked Ashu if she wants to talk about something.

Yes, Amma. I have a question.
Go ahead.
Why are we here?
*taken aback* What?
Why are people on Earth, Amma? For what? Why is nt Earth without any living things like the other planets?

Thats it people. I am retiring as a parent. I did nt sign up for this. 

I told her that its an excellent, excellent question and it has many answers and gave her different possible answers and also added that its a question everyone wants to know an answer for. When I asked her to come up with her own answer she said, "I have absolutely no idea. I will think about it!" When I tried to sell her crap by telling that my purpose is to love my 2 girls and bring them up as good human beings she asked, "Then what about Perimma (my sis)? Whats her purpose? What should be my purpose? I dont have any babies yet!" 

There comes a time in every parents life when even Google cant help you answer your kids questions and this is such a time for me. HELP!

July 22, 2012

Ashu & Antu get a summer make over!

Remember this old post when Ashu had her first hair cut? Well, after three and a half years, history repeats itself!

Here is Antu! We did nt have the heart to chop it all off like we did for Ashu when she was 4 though!

 This truly broke my heart. But what to do?

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