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March 25, 2009

Pink Horse and the Dragon.

Ashus school had a show today. The teachers thought it would be a good idea to show us a short video of the production rather than a stage as the kids might get stage fright and not perform. It was a fabulous idea as the parents got to see the kids in their element in the classroom. So they had sent us the invitation tickets and made it like a movie premiere. Since Antu was nt feeling too well, Hd stayed home with her while I went to Ashus school mid morning. It was snowing a little and was very windy, did nt get a parking and ran to the school just in time. Ashu was waiting for me and I got a seat in the front row while Ashu sat on my lap with a big cone of popcorn. They projected the movie on the screen. The titles rolled, some of the children came on screen, the audience were smiling and whispering when my little girl in her pink sweater came on the screen busy painting something. I yelled "Ashoooooo", whistled and said "yay"!!! The other parents looked at me as if I had gone crazy! Well, its not my fault if they ve nt watched a Rajinikanth movie first day first show, is it? Anyway, it was a short movie and we could see the kids dancing, playing music, singing, painting, enacting a story,... It was such fun. And Ashu appeared in quite a few scenes and I think she clearly deserves an Oscar nomination. Then they had exhibited some of the stuff the kids have made and also served cookies and biscuits. Thanked the teachers, picked up Ashu even though it was early and came back home with a huge grin on my face. Kids are such fun! You want to know why? A couple of boys sitting near me were going "booooo" during the movie and I was like "are they booing their own movie"? LOL! To be kids again, without a care in the world! Sigh!

March 17, 2009

Dear Antu,

Is this my first letter to you? I think so. Anyway, you know what happened today? So today morning your dad was planning to leave a little late for office. So I went to drop your sister at school without you. You were home with dad. I dropped Ashu at school and went to do some groceries from there. I parked the car in the underground garage, took a trolley, went into the store, picked up some vegetables and was walking towards the dairy section when my heart stopped for a second. Even though my brain was telling me, "Its OK. The baby is at home. You did nt forget her", my heart took a whole minute to start beating again. You know how they say our whole life flashes in a second just before we die? Well, you don't know that yet, but they do. That kind of happened. I visualised you in your car seat, forgotten in the car and crying and me running to you and picking you up. All in a fraction of a second. If someone noticed me then, I would ve been another normal person(well, as normal as I can get!) doing her shopping. But inside, I was badly shaken. I believe that a mother and her baby are connected through some invisible cord until the baby turns one and the bond slowly fades away once the child discovers TV! So it is nice to feel that you are still very much a part of me. But one day if I really forget you, you can always find me in the chocolate aisle. Kapeesh?

Your ever forgetful,

March 13, 2009

Its My Birthday.

31st. And I am so happy. First things first - after a very bad viral infection, Ashu bounced back and is normal today. Such a relief. She told Hd today morning, "Amma does nt want a present, Appa. She said that if I get well and eat well, that is her present." Amen to that my dear girl. Un vaaku palikattum.

And another reason for my happiness - well, thankfully Hd did nt think like me and got me an actual present. He sneaked to the car after breakfast and came back with a huge bunch of flowers and a gift. I got my own docking station for my iPod, people! :)) Yippeee! Its the cool speakers from Logitech. Actually, my laptop died on me a few weeks back and Im sharing Hds these days. It was frustrating not to have music in the background all the time. I was mentioning how a docking station for my iPod would be cool. And whaddayaknow! The man actually listened! Have a chocolate for me, folks. My treat!

*goes away screaming
Adiye kolluthe blasting from the speakers*

March 08, 2009

Faith, Fun and Food.

Quite an eventful weekend this. It was a temple visit on Friday, Kindercity on Saturday and an awesome brunch at Hiltl on Sunday. Let me elaborate on my favorite. The brunch of course. Hiltl is an old establishment(1898) and is pure vegetarian(oldest Vegi restaurant in Europe) at that. In the heart of Zurich, that too!(serves 1000+ guests per day) Though I ve been there before, today we decided to attack the Brunch Buffet. On Sundays, they have special Indian spread in addition and believe me when I say that the quality is out of the world. So there was the usual elaborate continental breakfast spread(think pancakes, eggs, breads, cereals, yogurts, fruits, juice...) and on top of that - pastas, salads, fruits, desserts, kachori, samosa, chilli poppers, pakoda, onion rings, some 4 types of potatoes, quiche, rice, paneer, dal, boiled veggies,... And not to mention the mango chutney, lemon pickle, date chutney, coconut chutney, sweet and sour dip, raita,... And a prosecco, coffee/tea is included too! Kids under 6 are not charged. So cool. Its not like they can charge anything for Ashu. She had half a papad and 2 spoons of rice. Actually they should ve charged Antu because she chewed and threw more bread than Ashu! I cant believe Hd and I sat for almost two and a half hours and ate. More importantly, ate together without having to take turns. Antu was happy in the high chair. (they ve such a cute wooden high chair and Antu was sitting like a chettiyar doll and gnawing away the bread and the papads Ashu sneaked to her). The waiters were so efficient with their headsets and gadgets. So friendly too. They gave a cute memory card game for Ashu. She found a 2 year old boy sitting near us and they both had a blast playing together. Poor guy cried his heart out while leaving because he wanted to play with Ashu! All in all, a fun weekend.

Sadly, Hd is traveling today and is back only on Wednesday. So expect a report from me similar to this one pretty soon. Wish me luck.

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March 03, 2009

Every move you make...

The other day Ashu was playing with her Soppu Saamaan. (The wooden toy kitchen set) I asked her what she was making and she said, "Im going to make Capsicum Sambar in this. Ghee in this. Rasam in that. Chutney in this. Idli, Dosai, Pasta,..." She went on and on. Then she mixed something with something and then told me, "One minute Amma. Wait, ok? I ll go see in my laptop how to make" and opened her laptop! Needless to say, I picked my jaw from the floor and went to my real kitchen to make some real dinner. My laptop was on the kitchen counter staring at me. My Paati will so not be pleased when she hears this.
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