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March 08, 2009

Faith, Fun and Food.

Quite an eventful weekend this. It was a temple visit on Friday, Kindercity on Saturday and an awesome brunch at Hiltl on Sunday. Let me elaborate on my favorite. The brunch of course. Hiltl is an old establishment(1898) and is pure vegetarian(oldest Vegi restaurant in Europe) at that. In the heart of Zurich, that too!(serves 1000+ guests per day) Though I ve been there before, today we decided to attack the Brunch Buffet. On Sundays, they have special Indian spread in addition and believe me when I say that the quality is out of the world. So there was the usual elaborate continental breakfast spread(think pancakes, eggs, breads, cereals, yogurts, fruits, juice...) and on top of that - pastas, salads, fruits, desserts, kachori, samosa, chilli poppers, pakoda, onion rings, some 4 types of potatoes, quiche, rice, paneer, dal, boiled veggies,... And not to mention the mango chutney, lemon pickle, date chutney, coconut chutney, sweet and sour dip, raita,... And a prosecco, coffee/tea is included too! Kids under 6 are not charged. So cool. Its not like they can charge anything for Ashu. She had half a papad and 2 spoons of rice. Actually they should ve charged Antu because she chewed and threw more bread than Ashu! I cant believe Hd and I sat for almost two and a half hours and ate. More importantly, ate together without having to take turns. Antu was happy in the high chair. (they ve such a cute wooden high chair and Antu was sitting like a chettiyar doll and gnawing away the bread and the papads Ashu sneaked to her). The waiters were so efficient with their headsets and gadgets. So friendly too. They gave a cute memory card game for Ashu. She found a 2 year old boy sitting near us and they both had a blast playing together. Poor guy cried his heart out while leaving because he wanted to play with Ashu! All in all, a fun weekend.

Sadly, Hd is traveling today and is back only on Wednesday. So expect a report from me similar to this one pretty soon. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

It was Vaseegara once. Anal malae pani thuli then. Indha time enna paatu? :P

And were ALL those items on the menu? Cha, Ireland waste pa. I'm coming to Zurich :(

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Title says Faith, Fun and Food but the entire post is only about Food ;)

Vegetarian Zest said...

Like you and HD, me and A too went out for Sunday brunch.What can i say...we love food.

Anonymous said...

WOW...a dream weekend!

Love your posts...just gobbling them foodie to another!

Keep writing! Waiting for more!

dipali said...

Sounds delicious!

Mama - Mia said...

i am feeling hubgry reading all the stuff on offer!

sounds like a perfect day!



Subhashree said...

You glutton, where is the rest of the post on faith?

Oh I'd have loved to have a look at the Chettiar doll seated on the high chair. Next time pics, ok? ok.

Manchus said...

Cho cute about the Chettiar comment. I can totally imagine.

So you really had a wonderful time at this place. I am really amazed at seeing you find Vegetarian places in all the places. I somehow still have a little mind-block on how it must be prepared.

Anonymous said...

sos. boo.
call dad!!

Manchus said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy B'day to my dear friend Boo!! Have fun. Hope HD is back.

Take care and enjoy your day!!

AMIT said...

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