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November 17, 2015


Nothing like a little bit of fandom to make one start blogging again! :) A very sweet person recognized Antu and asked me if I was Boo at a local fest last month and thanks to her, I realized I have been missing to report here for a very long time and there was loads to tell. Thanks, S. Lets meet soon.

So heres the update:


Was spent in India. Four hectic weeks of fun, fun and more fun. In fact we had so much fun that Antu managed to swallow a 50 paisa coin five minutes before we were about to leave Kumbakonam. God, that girl would do anything to have her way! We ran to the doctor and to the X ray place and after lots of juice and bananas, it finally came out of her system 2 days later. Until then, I had to answer everyone and their Athimber's "vandhuduthaa, vandhuduthaa" question a million times! Even Kamal did nt have so much trouble releasing Viswaroopam, I tell you!


First grade and fifth grade! Why do kids grow up so fast? Antu is having a gala time in big school and as luck would have it, the girl who lives downstairs is also in her class. So they both are two peas in a pod now. Ashu is at the stage where friends mean everything. And she has been nagging me for an iPhone! "All my friends have one, Amma!" sigh. 


Things have been crazy in Boodom thanks to back to back festivals. As usual, we made Ganeshas for Pillyar Chathurthi and had loads of fun. My parents arrived in October and I decided this is the year I am going to keep my debut Golu and went all out on it. Luckily, the kids were on a Fall Break and they had a great Navarathri. I pretty much had an open house on all the 9 days and it felt like being back in India with people dropping in and out all day long. And of course, before we could dismantle the Golu padi, Deepavali arrived and we have been on an eating marathon for the past two weeks with back to back parties. Mom and dad are so happy to have visited during this time and are having a great time meeting people. The weather has also been great so far. I took my parents shopping and bought them clothes for Deepavali. Circle of life, as Mustafa says!

Belated Deepavali wishes folks! 

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