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September 28, 2007

While we were in Madras...

My FIL is an ADORABLE man! Hes every girls dream FIL. Of course, the fil-mil combo does nt work as beautifully as the individual FIL but one cant ask for too much, so no complaints. He has always treated me like a princess and now treats Ashu like a Queen. Ashu being the manipulative kid, adores him and sticks to him like glue and says all the right things to him. What can I say, shes but a natural! His entire desire in life is to show me that he can take care of her without my help. So at 6 am when Ashu gets up and runs out of our room to him, the day starts for him while I go back to sleep. He gives her milk, takes her to the bathroom, tries to give her breakfast while I slowly get up and continue where he left and finish feeding her. Then he takes her out, to the terrace, to the garden and comes back during lunch time. Sings her to sleep sitting on the swing. After the nap, we go out to the beach and visit a temple where he completely takes charge of her while she has loads of fun. Bliss! On the day I landed in Madras from Zurich, I left Ashu home and went to the Dentist. She was seeing my in laws after 8 months. She said bye to me and stayed with my FIL. Atta girl!

She ll happily go to the driver, the maid, the gardener, the little girl next door but not to my MIL. I swear I have no part in this! Its totally her choice. Who am I to interfere? ;)

We were taking Ashu to the beach everyday. Though she did nt like to walk on the sand or get her feet wet in the water, she liked to look at the sea, the crows and the stray dogs. She had taken to our driver very well and he was carrying her around mostly. (Driver, maid, car, beach, shopping,.. I did nt have to lift my finger for anything, so what am doing here in Zurich?)

My fil and I took Ashu to the Besant Nagar beach one evening. There was a big horse and Ashu was excited and said she ll ride on it. But she would nt sit alone or with the horse guy. So our Driver came to the rescue and they both went horse riding on the beach. She sat with a smile on her face as if shes the Maharani doing the rounds! Then the merry go round, the kids giant wheel, a balloon, a kaathaadi, a ball, half an idli in Murugan Idli kadai, happily holding one of the waiters hand and walking away while Amma gulped down a whole Onion Oothappam, visit to the temples,... So tell me again, what am I doing in Zurich?

Hd arrived minus a baggage(it came the next day, thankfully) on Sept 7th and Ashu went bonkers seeing him. She screamed and started running in circles around me and it was hilarious to see her. Then when Hd carried her, she was swallowing tears and was choked and did nt talk for a long time. It was all so emotional and I felt so bad for her. The poor thing, how much she had missed him even though she did nt ask for him even once in those 5 weeks.

Officially, Ashu has "gone" on the beach, on the roadside, public toilets in the restaurants, department stores, wedding hall, train, plane, airport, temple,... She even stood in line and waited for her turn! Diaper less life is a bliss, I tell ya!

When my parents were also in Madras, Ashu was ecstatic. One thatha is bad enough, but with two - I started pretending she was nt mine! But got to tell you that she was to her good old self when we came to Madras. My dads definitely the culprit and his presence is what makes her a monster. My FIL is very similar to my dad too but the man is a bit afraid of me so he does nt interfere with my parenting style and listens to me.

Watched Sivaji again with Hd this time. Was nt bad even the second time. Had fun. Probably because we realized we would nt be watching a movie in the theater in a long, long time to come.

I have never really liked Madras before. But this trip has made me realize that I would nt mind settling down there. Some day. And only I know what a big deal that is for me. Children do change our lives upside down, dont they?

September 26, 2007

Kids do say the darndest things!

Amma, whats this?
Don't ask me anything, Ashu.
Amma, is this your Brestus?
*sigh* Yes, its my breast.
Amma, wheres Ashus brestus? (touching her chest)
*oh God! Why this soon?*


Amma who's going in the motorbike?
I don't know Ashu. How would I know?
Tell me, Amma.
I don't know. You tell me.
Uncle, Amma. Uncle is going on the motorbike.


So one time, Im making paper boats from the tissue paper in a restaurant to keep her busy. I make a boat and ask her what it is and she says "Boat, Amma!" Then she takes over and generally makes a mess with the tissues. Then she crumpled a tissue, folded it one side and asked me, "What is this? Tell me, Amma". It looked like nothing to me and I told her I did nt know. "Tell me Amma. What is this?" So I say, I don't know Ashu, you tell me! "Its a tissue, Amma", she says with a grin!


While we were going to Madras by car, I had put on a diaper for Ashu as she might go to sleep or there would nt be toilets when she wanted to go. When we stopped in a restaurant for breakfast, she did nt want to to use the bathroom. She slept for a while. Later, the AC in the car broke down and we stopped at a garage in the highway to repair it. And Ashu wanted to go Susu. Since there was no toilet there, I asked her to go in the diaper. But she would nt. "Susu, Amma. Susu ponum, Amma", she was saying. I told her there was no toilet and she showed the road side and said, "I ll go here Amma". WHAT? Is it in her blood or something? To be ready to go susu by the roadside? So of course off went the diaper(which was sparkling clean!) and she squatted like a pro and did her job! You passed the test, Kiddo!

September 24, 2007


I am back. *sulk* The only good thing is that I can blog more now. Checked my blog as soon as I came back to find that my template is gone so even before unpacking the umpteen suitcases and before keeping the Kothamalli chutney(coriander chutney) in the freezer in spite of my mom reminding me a hundred times to do so, I surfed the dozen free template sites to find a suitable one. This is only temporary, working on the header. (Will take your offer if I cant find my way, Tharini!)

Missed you all.

Oh yes, about Ashu. Shes thrilled to be home and to see her room. But at 5 am today, she asked for my FIL and said she wants to go to his house. Then said she wants to go to "kammonam" to see my parents. Is asking why there are no mosquitoes, lizards, flies, worms, etc... in the house. Why indeed?
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