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June 27, 2013


Dear Antu,

You are five today and I am in denial. Well, whats new? Its always tough for me around your birthday. How can the baby of the family get older? But of course, you spend year after year looking forward to your birthdays. You planned your party long back. That you wanted in your playgroup with your favorite teacher organizing it and your dear grand parents present. So we had the party last week since your grand parents were leaving before your birthday. And you had another party the week before with just us family since your Perimma and Perippa were here. And then you are taking cupcakes to your class today. Not to mention the truck loads of gifts you have been getting. Nothing makes you happy in this world like opening a present! :)

You have been enjoying ballet and swimming this year. Your musical sense and the way you move when you hear a song and the way you are constantly humming songs has become legendary in the family. My mom calls you mini-me since you are a reduction xerox of me in many, many things. I am both proud and scared at the same time! You have many, many friends and if you can have your way, you will never ever come home straight after school. I shudder at the thought of you walking to school and back on your own from August. A kindergartener, sigh! Your best friend R and you are together in the same class in KG too and I cant wait to see you both holding hands and walking to school!

You have just about began reading and writing and very excited about it. You love your playgroup which you go to two days a week and hate your preschool which you go the other three days. You are totally daddys pet and always locking horns with me. Your sister and you fight for everything these days and I dont know what to do to make you guys be nice to each other. When you are nice to her, she ignores you and when shes nice to you, you provoke her. Im the one who is losing hair over it though. When I yell at you or give you a time out, Ashu is the first person you go to to get a hug. And shes the one you go for help when you know you are in trouble with me. Your Tamil has improved leaps and bounds since your grand parents were here for 2 months. The way you switch languages depending on whom you are talking to is to be seen to be believed!

You are a total rebel and do everything I ask you not to. The other day I warned you to go brush your teeth before I count five. You were just standing staring at me. So I asked "Well, what are you waiting for?" And you said, "So start counting!" The gall! Ashu could never ever get away even with half the things that you seem to be getting away with. However hard I try to be fair, its a losing battle. Its a perk for second borns, I guess and Im not complaining! :) If I ever raise my voice at you, you proclaim that Im not your friend anymore and stomp off! Of course two minutes later, you are giving me a hug and telling me that you love me a trillion! I love you a trillion too, baby! Heres to many more birthday parties and presents to you, my little Diva! Hope all your dreams come true!  Happy Birthday!

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