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August 31, 2006

The pain of Potty training.

1. It is frustrating.

2. It requires a lot of patience and I don't even know why we have to do it. I mean, I can afford diapers even until Ashu goes to college. I don't care about the environment. Theres no water scarcity or wet wipes scarcity! No rashes or allergy to be worried about. And I care a foot about my neighbor who has told me to potty train Ashu like a million times.

3. After 16 months of peepee-free, poopoo-free life, its very tough to adjust now.

4. The entire day, I either spend in the toilet urging her to peepee and poopoo or on the lookout for where shes going to "go" next. Because as soon as she finishes, she ll start tap-dancing on "it"! And sometimes slip and fall and hurt herself.

5. She goes #1 while sitting on my lap, while standing on the bed, while walking, while running, while lying down on her tummy,... spraying everything within a foot radius. But shes discreet when it comes to BMs. Always chooses a corner. Thank God for small mercies!

6. Currently the whole house is her bathroom and she pretty much goes anywhere and everywhere. I clean up the floor like I have never cleaned in my entire life and bathe Ashu every time she goes.

7. After telling about 100 times, you would think that a child will understand what you are asking her to do right? But she is clueless. Wonder what goes through her mind.

8. Today Madam climbs on the bed and goes #1. I finish hanging the clothes in the balcony and come back inside to see soggy wet bedsheets and mattress. I blew my fuse. For the first time, I really, really screamed at her. I screamed so badly that she started crying and I got furious and dragged her out of the bedroom. Then I locked myself in the bedroom while changing the bed sheets and drying the mattress with a hair dryer. The hair dryer died on me after 10 minutes. All the while I could hear Ashu crying in the hall. It took a while to calm myself. Then I sat with Ashu and told her NOT to go on the bed hereafter. She of course had no clue what I was talking about! Like I said, it is FRUSTRATING! :(

ps. To be filed under "Posts to be deleted as soon as Ashu learns to read".
ps2. Neha, not so cute anymore. Is she?

August 30, 2006


I have never kept a hobby for this long. You must be really special. Happy FIRST Birthday, Blog! I love you. :)

ps. Do you like your new dress?

August 29, 2006

Dear Thatha,

7 years ago, this day, I was holding your hand when you breathed your last. I felt terrible that you would nt be there for my wedding. You would have liked my husband. I am glad you at least saw his photo before you passed away. I get immense pleasure whenever someone from the family says that Ashu resembles you. Nothing can make me more happy than that comparison. I hope she is as honest, as hard working, as noble and as loving as you. Watch out for her. Always. I miss you. Lots.

Your favorite Grand daughter.

August 23, 2006

The case of the missing tomatoes!

The other day I took a tomato from the bowl to make a sandwich. I found that some tomatoes were missing. Since I had bought a kilo of tomatoes only the previous day, it was easy to see that some were gone. Theres only one little thief in our house. Usually, it is onions and potatoes as they are in the lower shelf. Tomatoes and Bananas are in the top shelf. The thief cannot reach the top shelf or so I thought! The enquiry started. "Ashu! where are the tomatoes?" She gives me an innocent look and runs to the hall. I follow her and see a tomato under the sofa. When I go and pick it up, the thief runs to the kitchen. I follow her and Voila! the secret place is found. Behind the fridge! I retrieved almost half a kilo of tomatoes from there. I guess she was doing it for the past week or so taking one or two at a time and stashing it there! No wonder I was buying tomatoes very often! Wonder what she was planning to cook! Its not even my birthday or something... ;)

August 16, 2006

Krishna Nee Begane Baaro!

Come back as Jesus,
Come back and save the world .
Bless all the future of every boy and girl.
Come back as Rama, Forgive us for what we've done
Come back as Allah, Come back as anyone...

August 12, 2006

Security Check.

After reading about the strict security measures at the airports, I thought this is what it would come to at the end. And then I get this cartoon in an Email forward. Hmm...!

From here.

August 11, 2006


Its my turn to write a post on google searches. I have had a few funny(read as porn) searches which have landed on my blog. But this one takes the cake. How can I not write a post tell me?

how to ask your hubby to come back for dinner

So this woman makes dinner and waits for her hubby to come home. He does and for one of those million reasons a couple can fight, they do. It happens. Its normal. Happened like a dozen times(ok ok. way more than that!) with me too. What do I do? I call him to eat. Like any man with a spine, he refuses. I call him again. I plead, I beg, I threaten. Mostly one or the other works. But this woman goes and googles "how to ask your hubby to come back for dinner"! To be honest, I have googled my share of weird things too. One of them was about men peeing while standing. Well, I had to get my facts right before getting into an argument, right? A girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do especially when shes the one cleaning the toilet. Agree? Well, come on now! Whats your weird google search? Confess!

ps. A piece of advice for the woman who landed in my useless blog, "Let him starve, Girl!". (Unless you are planning to poison him! In that case, good luck!)

pps. I almost forgot. The person who googled for "mother breast feeding photos" - I sincerely hope your baby had some latching on problems and you just wanted to see how other babies do it. If not, nice NOT to know you!

Update: Regarding the pps, I guess its confusing. So heres my take - People who googled for those photos in a good way, I am sorry if I have offended you. The "nice NOT to know you" is for the pervs. (Not that you care but anyway...!) Clear?

August 09, 2006

Dear Ashu,

Every time Amma goes into the bathroom, she will definitely come out. She cant dig a tunnel in the bathroom and escape. She sometimes wonders about it though. It feels great that you think Amma is more important than a cartoon show. It feels nice when you follow Amma to the loo when you can actually raid the fridge. She also feels happy that you need her so much. But then no one absolutely no one, that includes you too, can ever knock on the door and scream at her to come out. Amma has nightmares still about the times when she was in the college hostel and could nt take a decent shower without someone knocking on the door and asking "How long will it take?" and then keeping their red buckets at the door claiming the right to use the bathroom next. She hated that. Now she has to relive the trauma all over again, thanks to you . But this time she is not even showering, for Gods sake!

August 02, 2006


Tagged for the first time by Wundergal and Ardra. It's always good the first time, is nt it?! ;-)

I am thinking about whether to make this post funny or serious!

I said "Sit" to my daughter an hour back. No! No spelling mistake there. I actually wanted her to sit down! :)

I want to ban stupid movies. Wajah- A reason to kill on Sony is the reason. I would nt want my enemy to sit through this movie. And I have nt even watched 30 minutes of it!

I wish I could sing. The talent I see these days is making me so jealous!

I miss my mom who's having fun in the US with my sister! *Death to sharing!*

I hear Sarasa Logha song from the movie Pachakuthira in musicindiaonline. Awesome. I think I will be hooked to it it until I see the song! (Remember Mayilirahe?)

I wonder how blissful my life would have been if I was still single. I think that quite often actually. I hate the responsibilities that come with marriage!

I regret not having the guts to say what I think. No one can say what they think all the time. But I lack the guts even for simple stuff.

I am what I think I am. Sometimes I am a coward, a pessimist. sometimes I am strong, positive. Most of the times I am just confused!

I dance without any inhibition. I love dancing. I regret the day I ran away from the Bharathnaryam class when I was 6. My mom should have tried again the next year! :(

I sing a lot now to rock Ashu to sleep. Mostly Tamil movie songs. I suck. I cant hear myself! No wonder Ashu goes to sleep immediately!

I am not ambitious.

I cry at the drop of a hat. This one time I cried while watching Nine months when Hugh Grant apologizes to Julianne Moore. I was nt even married then. Probably I would cry buckets now if I watch the movie again. Or maybe not!

I'm not always patient. I hate that about myself.

I make with my hands pencil sketches, drawings, greeting cards, food,...

I write so that I can read it again when I am old and laugh at myself.

I confuse motherhood and having a life.

I need compliments. I thrive on them. *Let the comments start rolling!*

I should spend more time with my child rather than reading about other peoples children. God that makes me so guilty. "Go away Ashu. Go play while Mom reads what Dooce has written about her daughter!"

I tag 3 mommies and 1 daddy, if they are interested that is!
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