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November 14, 2013


Its November already? Even my one post a month resolution is hard to keep. October was great. At least it did nt snow like last year, phew! So we could enjoy the great outdoors more. And when the kids had 2 weeks fall break, we went to Austria and stayed in a Kinderhotel for 5 days and it was a blast! Four more families came with us too so it was like a big fat Indian wedding! This was the first time we are going to a Kinderhotel and I wonder why we don't have that concept in many places! So the place we stayed was in Galtur which is a ski resort in winter. It had already snowed there in October but it was sunny and bright and the views were to kill for. The children have a play area where they are supervised. They get their own breakfast, lunch and dinner form the buffet. The hotel arranges outings for them. They can watch a movie post dinner in a big screen. They can take the bicycles and go biking. Or use the pedal go karts and take them for a ride. It is just heaven for the parents. And not to mention the spa, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, etc... Our days went like this every day - Get up and have breakfast and check the kids in the childrens area. I also gave Ashu a room key and she and her BFF along with Antu had a blast. I told Ashu she can do whatever she wants as long as she had Antu with her! And she did! Hd and I along with our friends set out for a hike...  and it was one of the beautiful hikes I have ever done. Breathtaking views! And we would come back around lunch time. By the time, the kids would have the lunch by themselves or we will have it together. Then relax for a bit and hit the pool with the kids. Then dump the kids with the men and us ladies enjoyed the spa. Bliss! The kids dinner began at 6.30 and they went to watch a movie at 7.30 while we were served five course dinner! Sigh! That was the best part of the day where we could have adult conversation instead of doing panchayathu between the girls on who called whom stupid first!!! And then in groups we went out for moon lit walks and when the men had enough and went to bed, us ladies sat and talked for hours! I would give anything to do this kinda vacation every time! I did nt want to come back home at all! 

Leaving you with my favorite photo of the trip.
baby growth