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August 02, 2006


Tagged for the first time by Wundergal and Ardra. It's always good the first time, is nt it?! ;-)

I am thinking about whether to make this post funny or serious!

I said "Sit" to my daughter an hour back. No! No spelling mistake there. I actually wanted her to sit down! :)

I want to ban stupid movies. Wajah- A reason to kill on Sony is the reason. I would nt want my enemy to sit through this movie. And I have nt even watched 30 minutes of it!

I wish I could sing. The talent I see these days is making me so jealous!

I miss my mom who's having fun in the US with my sister! *Death to sharing!*

I hear Sarasa Logha song from the movie Pachakuthira in musicindiaonline. Awesome. I think I will be hooked to it it until I see the song! (Remember Mayilirahe?)

I wonder how blissful my life would have been if I was still single. I think that quite often actually. I hate the responsibilities that come with marriage!

I regret not having the guts to say what I think. No one can say what they think all the time. But I lack the guts even for simple stuff.

I am what I think I am. Sometimes I am a coward, a pessimist. sometimes I am strong, positive. Most of the times I am just confused!

I dance without any inhibition. I love dancing. I regret the day I ran away from the Bharathnaryam class when I was 6. My mom should have tried again the next year! :(

I sing a lot now to rock Ashu to sleep. Mostly Tamil movie songs. I suck. I cant hear myself! No wonder Ashu goes to sleep immediately!

I am not ambitious.

I cry at the drop of a hat. This one time I cried while watching Nine months when Hugh Grant apologizes to Julianne Moore. I was nt even married then. Probably I would cry buckets now if I watch the movie again. Or maybe not!

I'm not always patient. I hate that about myself.

I make with my hands pencil sketches, drawings, greeting cards, food,...

I write so that I can read it again when I am old and laugh at myself.

I confuse motherhood and having a life.

I need compliments. I thrive on them. *Let the comments start rolling!*

I should spend more time with my child rather than reading about other peoples children. God that makes me so guilty. "Go away Ashu. Go play while Mom reads what Dooce has written about her daughter!"

I tag 3 mommies and 1 daddy, if they are interested that is!
Mad momma


Dadoji said...

Boo: It's done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amma Boo... Came to your blog while seraching for info on Ayush homam yest. I have read almost all of your blogs while being vetti in office and man a lot of things i could relate to esp the breastfeeding stories. I have a daughter too becoming one come september. It felt so nice to see the words i had forgotten now but enjoyed once - Kadankaari from ur akkas comments, SKVTV (although SKVTV was a diff version which involves the hubby in our family) and so on...

Post more and keep up the great work.

The Kid said...

Sarasa Logha's first few lines are from "kalinga nartana tillana" by Aruna Sayeeram (a Carnatic vocalist). It is my favorite song and Aruna's too (I think). It is her forte.

If you listen to it fully, it is really beautiful. Try it in


B o o said...

Dadoji - Thanks!

Julyvee - I know the feeling. I have felt the same when reading so many blogs which reflect my feelings, experiences,..! Thanks for coming by.

B o o said...

Pratap - My mom and I are HUGE fans of Aruna Sayeeram and I have most of her songs in CDs and cassettes and my day begins hearing to her songs. Her Abhangs are absolutely out of the world! My all time fav aong is "Bhaktha Jana Vatsale". Heard it? Her fav song is "Savale Sundara" it seems. She told it when she was a guest at the "Coffee with Suchi" show! I cant sing to save my life nor can I recognize Ragams. But listening to Aruna Sayeeram is divine!

Tharini said...

This tagging thing has been good publicity for Winkies Way. Been having a lot of visitors coming from your site. :)

Thanks for the perk! :)

Mad said...

It amazes me that you can pen down exactly what you think, atleast the times you DO pen down stuff :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

I am a regular reader of your have a nice one going here :)

btw, not sure if you have noticed but whenever I come to your blog site I get a pop up from some ilead ad company..haven't seen this from any other blog site. Is this something that you can avoid by changing your security settings? Just a thought...


Sumitha said...

Just stumbled on your blog,you have a very cool and different blog,I have to come here again.BTW did u live in Switzerland too?

Tharini said...'s a kick on your butt asking u to wake up and post more...come here everyday to be disappointed!

B o o said...

Tharini - My pleasure! :)

Madhu - It takes a lot of time, believe me and you dont know what I am thinking! ;)

Hiranmayi - Thanks. I get the same ilead pop ups in some other blogs. Lemme check if I can do anything about it. Thanks for telling me.

B o o said...

Sumitha - Thanks for coming by. I lived in Basel for 2 years. In Bangalore for the past 9 months. You have a nice blog too. I got hungry after dropping by yours! :)

The Visitor said...

You know something Boo? There is an advantage in discovering a blog after a longish period of its existence - one can spend hours, days and weeks going through and savouring all that it offers. :)

The Visitor said...

A song where the picturization matched the mood that the creators (Vaali, Illayaraja and Fazil) wanted to create - Kaatril varum geethame, en kannanai arivaayaa from Oru Naal Oru Kananvu

B o o said...

Visitor - You are right. I discovered alpha ( very late and devoured the entire archives in a weeks time and could nt get enough of her. She has the best humorous blog according to me. I am glad you are having fun reading mine too! :)

and yes, that song kinda grew on me. That little girl who sings is really cute!

Terri the terrific said...

Boo, I've been hooked on your blog for the past few days. My life has come to a standstill so I can finish reading your archives.

I love your refreshing, candid style and childlike naivete (don't take this the wrong way, it's a compliment.) Of course, your baby is cute, but I think you're cuter. In short, I love the way you write from the heart.

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