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January 30, 2009

About favorite girls, new house and Ikea.

Boo : Ashu, you are my favorite girl!
Ashu : (smiles)
Boo : Who is your favorite girl, Ashu?
Ashu : Antu is my favorite girl, Amma.
Boo- Wow, thats nice. Who is Appas favorite girl?
Ashu - You, Amma!
Boo - (preens)

On that note, we are settling down in the new house in a very slow and a very steady phase. I think by 2010 I should ve emptied all the cartons! It was no fun when Hd could nt find his razor and we had to go through 20 odd boxes to find it. (and it was sitting in bathroom all along, the sneaky little thing!) My back is permanently bent these days. The only saving grace is the school run. Its a 10 mins scenic drive to Ashus school as opposed to the 45 mins horror route before. That's the reason we moved, by the way.

More later. Since we have so much stuff, we are off to Ikea to buy more stuff so that we can keep all the old stuff we have in the new stuff we buy. Makes sense?


DotThoughts said...

awwwwww.. can I swap Ashu with Chip, pretty pliss?
you headed to Ikea? I should ahve given you my list!

Sands said...

Totally makes sense. How else do you accumulate more stuff? By justifying it of course ;)

Anusha said...

of course. thats why ikea exists. to accumulate, store and stash, so you can accumulate some more :)

SD said...

So cute. All the best with the settling Boo. More Power to Ikea I say!!

Subhashree said...

Totally get it... some girly talk eh?

dipali said...

Story of my life, Boo, buying new stuff to keep the old stuff in. And then more new stuff, it goes on, endlessly. Your husband must be one helluva lucky guy, being everyone's favourite boy.

mnamma said...

:) Makes absolute sense Boo! I love Ashu's 'taan taan' answers.

Mama - Mia said...

awww! she is so cute!! :D aren't you glad she answered allc orrect tho?! :p

and yes, new stuff for old stuff makes complete sense!



Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

So grand plans of clearing all Carton boxes by 2010 uh? Good luck ...
Reminds me, I still have atleast 2 more boxes to empty since our move in 2005 ... I think I have finally decided "I don't need them anymore"

Cee Kay said...

Happy shopping!!

Ashu sure knows how to make mama happy :)

Me said...

I have few unopened boxes from my 2007 move!

VJ said...

she is so cute !!

Sujatha Bagal said...

The minute you empty the last box, you'll get the urge to move again. So goes the saying. So you'd better leave some of them boxes alone. :)

Noodlehead said...

ashu's a poppet...all correct answers :) IKEA rules...we go there every week and N says we'll need a new apartment in the month or so :D

Neera said...

I liked reading ur moving account :) I didn't know u were moving within the city/suburbs itself.

Ashu is a such an adorable little darling :)

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