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September 05, 2005

The protective side in me.

I never knew I had it but I have a lioness sleeping inside me and she wakes up whenever someone says something remotely not so nice about my daughter! It’s not like I am always in praise about my baby girl! On the contrary, I am always complaining! Every time I tell my friends, "She does nt sleep, she screams, she’s spoilt,” and they are always like "Oh, no! She’s quiet, she’s cute, she’s very nice,..." and it makes me happy!

But the other day a friend of mine heard Ashu cry and said something like "Oh, She can scream" and I got so mad, I could see my face turning red and I was about to tell her where to go but then quickly turned and walked away! I did nt know why I reacted the way I did! Does this mean I can’t take any criticism about my baby? Am I over reacting? Is it just me or every parent feels this way?

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