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September 05, 2005

Weekend of cooking, cleaning and sleeping!

I was tested big time on Friday! Friends were coming home for lunch and I overslept! HD offered to take off and baby sit while I cook! But I found that utterly silly and told him I can manage fine! Oh, if only I can go back in time! Anyway, I did manage but it’s just that it was nt easy juggling a baby in one hand and making a decent lunch with the other! And not to mention the cleaning up! Oh man, it was hell! I will put Ashu for one second down and she will scream and bring the whole roof down! And she has a cold (oh, did I tell you she has got her first cold?) so I did nt want her to cry for long! After all this trouble, the food was nt as great as I expected it to be! Survived though! Repeat performance on Saturday night except that HD took care of Ashu while I cooked peacefully and the dinner was awesome!

I have some thoughts here! My plan was to get up early on Friday and finish cooking before HD left for office! But it did nt happen, knowing me! I wonder why things which look so important the previous nights don’t look even remotely important in the early morning and the only thing you want is to sleep! Does it happen to everyone? At least to people in their teens and twenties? Because my mom gets up with the Sun and finishes cooking for a dozen before the dozen or so have even stirred from their beds! How much ever I try, I fail miserably at getting up early! I thought it will change after the baby but so far it has nt! (Five years back, I thought marriage will change that but it did nt as I married a morning-sleep-lover, lucky me!!) I hope Ashu wakes me up and says bye to me before going to school on her first day!

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Anonymous said...

the last paragraph is exactly same for me. :)

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