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September 23, 2005

Crazy Cravings!

Today I started to organize my files in the laptop. I say started to because I ended up reading my pregnancy journal and other stuff I had written earlier all through the day and did nt do one bit of organizing. I came across a doc where I had written my cravings just before visiting India in January for my Valaikaapu-Srimandham function. (Bangle ceremony done during the pregnancy.) I have no remembrance of any real craving and I think this is a list I would ve made even if I was nt pregnant. Anyway, here's the strange list.

Vellari pinju

adai (the one mom makes)
bhel puri (the one mom makes)

manathakkaali vetha kuzhambu, sutta arisi appalaam
javvarisi karudaam

ribbon thengozhal
thattai seedai

ps. I am sorry but I am not able to find equivalent terms for these South Indian specialities except that "Vellari pinju" is baby cucumber.


Anonymous said...

Hey Boo
Even i made a list of items I wanted and sent it to my mom the only difference is I was not pregnant :)

the pic is cool...Do u know y do they do this valakappu...I think the baby responds to the sound the bangle makes

alone in my dreams said...

No puli kolambu?

Just Like That said...

no pacha mangai? some manga achar?

i had no cravings whatsoever:-( Was puking thru all 9 months.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow .. I gobbled up 50 boxes of Ferraro Rochers thru my pregnancy .. quite a costly craving i wld say ;)

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