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September 24, 2005

All in the family.

Ashu and my sis are thick as thieves already and it is nt even 24 hours yet! My sister has always been a Tomcat and seeing her with Ashu is a different experience altogether. I bet she thinks the same about me as I ve never known I had a maternal side in me. One thing which really freaked me out(in a nice way!) was how my sis baby-talks to Ashu in almost the same manner I do and singing the same old rhymes and songs to her. Guess we are nt a family for nothing!


Anonymous said...

hey ...give a hug to ashu from me!

Anonymous said...

hey boo
Just had the time to go through all u r posts :)
HD is really sweet and U guys are a cool couple I guess..He commented for u...Have a blast with u r sister dudette...

Ashu samatha erukka?


B o o said...

Hi Alpha! I am honored! Will do, surely! :)

B o o said...

Kavya! Thanks a lot for all the comments. Will pass on ur comment to HD. He ll be pleased. Cool couple? Oh yes, once we stop fighting, that is!

And yes, my mom told me about the "valaikaapu" reason too! But when I asked her why not metal bangles rather than breakable glass bangles, she told me off!! ;)

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