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September 10, 2005

Chilli Poppers!

After two years of living in this city, we just found out that there is an American-Mexican restaurant we have nt been to! We have tried another Mexican restaurant before but it was nt so good! Two years, including a non pregnant year and I find out only now, when I am going to leave this city for good in another 2 months! Last week, we had gone for a walk and I did a mistake of going by this restaurant and seeing their menu! Seeing CHILLI POPPERS just on the print made my eyes pop!!! So we decided to try it sometime and went yesterday!

We have taken Ashu to restaurants before twice and one was a total disaster! She was 6 weeks old then and cried the entire time! The second time was the "Pizza for a price" episode! So I was really skeptical! Never thought going out for dinner would be such a huge deal! Anyway, fed her, changed her, and took a bottle for her, a rattle, and the pacifier of course! As soon as we put her on the pram, she started crying! So we took the sling also for good measure! Once we started moving she was ok! But when we got a table and sat down, she did nt want to stay in the pram! Thankfully the entire crowd decided to sit outside and eat as the weather was good! So we were the only one inside and I felt good that I would nt be disturbing anyone by letting my baby scream!

For a while HD sat her on his lap and she was happy looking at the table setting and the lights and the waitress! As soon as we got our chilli poppers, my eyes were only on the plate and don’t know what happened in those 3 mins while I popped 3 poppers into my mouth! Then while I carried Ashu, HD finished his share of two while I was giving him the "Why can’t you order your own poppers" look! Just before the main course arrived, Ashu dozed off and I gently put her on the pram and did nt dare to look again until we finished our dessert, afraid I ll wake her!

It was the best dinner I ve had in a long time!

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