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September 02, 2005

Pizza for a price!

The other day we dared to go out for a walk and then for pizza! We took Ashu in the sling as she’s more comfortable (and a lot quieter!!) than in the pram! Tthe restaurant is almost bare as it’s the middle of the week! Hubby Darling (henceforth HD) sits with Ashu in the sling and we order! Then the waitress goes "Aahh" and "Ooh" looking at Ashu sleeping in the sling and rubs her cheek! Once, twice, thrice and then again for the fourth time! Needless to say, my baby girl woke and started crying! Where’s the justice in this world?

I curse under my breath that the waitress will have 12 kids all of them screaming all the time! So HD walks and tries to soothe Ashu and when it does nt work, out comes the pacifier from my pocket and into Ashus mouth! She is quiet immediately, immensely happy and goes to sleep! The waitress comes with our order and what does she do now? No, you will never guess! She advices us not to use the pacifier as it will affect the baby’s teeth! Oh yeah, like we did nt know that! Like we are using the pacifier all the time, like we are nt feeling like a failure every time we use it and swear never to use it again!

Anyway, HD sits sideways in the chair and I cut his pizza slice into small bits and he turns his head and eats his pizza taking care not to drop the toppings in Ashus head! (Do NOT try that if the restaurant is full!) We did get stared by a couple sitting 5 tables away!

While leaving, the waitress says Ashu is so cute and that she has a 4 year old who is such a menace and always talking and shouting! Well, at least 1/12 th of my curse had come true already! Of course, I tipped her! There's justice in this world afterall!

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