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February 14, 2006

Will you buy me gifts, Valentine?

Yesterday we 4 went out at 9 pm and in 15 minutes (since the shop was closing), I helped my BIL buy a dress for my sis while HD was helping my sis buy something for my BIL in another corner of the shop! How romantic, huh? HD and I did nt have time to buy anything for each other. Today I went out and bought yet another shirt for HD. Hope HD found some time from work and "bought" something for me from his office stationery shop at least! I can see we have stretched this Val day thing enough and will put an end to all this silliness next year. But I am not going to make any promise to HD. I want gifts!

Saw this card in Yahoo Greetings. Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!


Unknown said...

I love the card, great one.

as to buying something from the stationery cupboard LOL :) Enjoy

dxb prasad said...

how did you enjoy the day? what all gifts you got?

.. there's always some unexpected gift coming .. for all of us. wait and receive.

check my blog for kidspeak .. here

smile :)

Anonymous said...

Got gifts?

Deepti Ravi said...

when aps told me .. i found it really adorable that you got a Calvin & Hobbes for Valentine's day!! So cute and thoughtful!! Though aps did suggest .. that the idea might have been planted ;) ?

Anonymous said...

enna boo..why no posts for a while now? busy yaa?


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