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February 28, 2006

Bangalore Airport

There are always at least 6 people sending off my sis at the airport. At the most 12 people if my dad decides to have a meeting scheduled with his colleagues at the departure terminal. So far this was only at the Chennai airport. This time, it was Bangalore. Everything I have said against Chennai, its people, its weather, its autowallas, I take it back. It has the best airport. Definitely better than Mumbai and Bangalore in my personal experience. I mean Bangalore is not even fit to be in the comparison. The only thing which seems to working efficiently and planned flawlessly is the Rs.60 per person Airport Entrance Ticket counter and the checking at the entrance where they tear the ticket into half. You park the car and load the 4 huge suitcases, 2 pull-ons and 2 backpacks in 2 trolleys with faulty wheels and no brakes. You go in and see that there are 2 escalators to go up, one staircase, and one more luggage escalator going up where you have to put your suitcases. The visitors and the passengers have different escalators to go up and cant help the passengers unload the luggage or stand guard for them. While my BIL was loading the suitcases, my Sis went up and unloaded them. We had to stand away and watch them struggle and pay Rs.60 for this joke.

They both stood in the check-in line and took turns to come near the glass partition and talk to us by making gestures. Then we found a loophole. The left most corner had a small opening between the wall and the glass partition and we stood and spoke there. My sis put out her hand and touched Ashu and sang Rhymes to her. My mom and BILs mom said one hundred ‘byes’ and ‘take cares’ but did nt move from their places. Thankfully there were chairs and I sat there and watched the drama. This was the first time I saw my BIL and sis red-eyed while leaving. Because Ashu started crying when they said ta-ta to her. I have never cried at airports. I wait till I come home. The emptiness of the house just gets me. There were lots of people like us waving good byes to their dear ones. Another big crowd was waiting outside; the people who were smart enough to not buy the entry ticket. But I don’t know why they were standing though. Its not like they can see the passengers from there. Every time I think that I should nt go to the airports for send offs, but after a while, it becomes a ritual and you don’t want to jinx anything by not going. If everyone started buying entry tickets, I can’t imagine how the place can cope. But who cares about a bunch of fools coming to send off their loved ones?


Anonymous said...

Please don't foget the small waiting room near the boarding gate where 100s of people are waiting for 4 different flights and the chaos. Also the pinless/useless mobile fone charger and the connectionless free local phone..

B o o said...

When I saw the different mobile chargers for the use of passengers at the Indian airports, I was really happy that someone came up with this great idea! Then I saw that most of the Nokia chargers were pinless. Now I know why the stainless steel "lottas" are chained in the train bathrooms. However it makes the usage(!!) difficult, at least its there!! ;)

Anonymous said...

During monsoon water leaks over the c belt :-( Bangalore airport is really bad!
Comparatively I find Mumbai domestic terminal far better. And if you see delhi airport, you will praise bangalore airport :-)

Anonymous said...

After all this they still sing swargame endralum adhu nammoora pola varuma........... J

Unknown said...

aaaaw sweet. I reckon after bidding me tearful goodbyes my family go home and throw a party and celebrate :D

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