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February 12, 2006

Ashu - Dated today.

Since hundreds of readers (okay, just one. But you don’t need to know that.) requested some updates on Ashu, here are what she’s up to these days.

~> Ashu is 291 days old today.

~> When she smiles you can see 1 1/2 dimples, 1 1/2 lower teeth and a 1/2 upper tooth.

~> She did nt give any extra trouble while teething. It was the usual.

~> Crawls and cruises. Stands without support for a couple of seconds.

~> She has to be in the same room as I am, even in the bathroom.

~> She understands NO and listens to me most of the time and I am absolutely proud of her for that. Hope her Dad learns from her!

~> She sleeps through the night.

~> Loves baths, massages, milk and banana.

~> It has been two weeks since I stopped breast-feeding her. I did nt give my breast for a week and after that when I tried giving her the breast again, she would nt take it. Brought tears in my eyes and HD's.

~> She would go to anyone if they pick her up and walk, much to my disappointment.

~> She loves watching kids and hearing them talk. She tries to talk to them in her own way, but that just the scares the other kids away!

~> I was wondering how everyone in my apartment knew that I ve got a new Sony Digicam and then realized they are calling Ashu "Sony baby" and not my camera. She is not the chubby Farex baby.

~> She takes off her dirty, filthy socks from her feet and chews on them.

~> One night I woke up at 2 am and found the TV on and was terrified for a minute thinking that my mother-in-law has made a surprise visit and watching one of the mega serials! Or perhaps a bored burglar? I mustered enough courage and went to the living room, but no one was sitting on the sofa with a remote. Pulled my hair out trying to solve the mystery. Then it hit me. Ashu was playing with the remote earlier and had set the wake up timer for the TV! Probably she wanted to catch up on something. Now I know why my dad always insists on switching off the main power.

~> Picks up even the tiniest dirt from the floor and does research on it and only if its determined as paper, it goes into her mouth.

~> Loves plastic bags just liker her grand mom!

~> Likes books! (Thank you, God!) "Noddy's squeaky shoes" is her current favorite.

~> If she falls down and no one is in the room, she does nt cry. But transforms into a drama queen in front of audience.

~> No one within a 1 km radius of her vicinity can read newspaper in pie(a)ce!

~> Tore the cover of my recipe book, first page of her ABC book and the 2 batteries in the TV remote will lose their privacy very soon as their bedroom door is hanging by a thread!

~> She has made a call to my friend in UK and talked for 3 mins. I did nt know that until I saw this months phone bill and realized that that friends number is the first entry in my phone book.

~> She likes my dad more than my sis (who arrived here yesterday from California) and it’s pissing her off. Hope she does nt ask me money for all the goodies she has brought for Ashu!

Thanks A for pointing out that I have been neglecting my daughter and for all the goodies too! :)


anantha said...


Btw, 291 days la.. ABC book a? :O

Vitta, ippove IIT coaching classes la thundu pottu vechiduvel pola irruke? :p

Anonymous said...

Adhaane. Paavam kozhandhai. Ippave edhukku padippu ellam?
Sevikku Unavu illadha boadhu err. wrong proverb. Whatever. Let her play. Padikka solladheenga paavam!

BTW has she got over suttum vizhi sudare song? Whats her favorite now?

Vincent said...

She's reading Noddy's Squeaky Surprise ? Amazon says its suitable for Ages 4-8. Ippave periya periya book ellam padikkardhu kozhandhai, she'll finish Fountainhead by the time she's 10 :P

And please keep her away from plastic bags :)

Alpha said...

great update. Love and hugs to you and Ashu.

B o o said...

Everyone seems to be getting at me coz of the books!
aNTi - the ABC book was a gift and she likes it because of the bright pics in it.

VinZ - you are right. The Noddy book is for 4+ readers and guess how old I am? I read it and she listens!

Ferro - She is still going strong with Suttum vizhi song. It will remain one of the mysteries in my life as to why she likes this song so much. Its really baffling!

Alphu - Thanks.

B o o said...

and VinZ - Thanks for the warning. I am careful with Ashu around plastic bags since I read a scary story. :(

Unknown said...

i will get clobbered for mentioning this.. but did you know that my wife was the real farex baby in the photo !! i am not kidding.

i married farex baby!!

Deepti Ravi said...

~> She loves watching kids and hearing them talk. She tries to talk to them in her own way, but that just the scares the other kids away!

i guess her high pitched babble ( I speak the best among all of you!!) ;) tends to intimidate the weaker of them!!! but she sure is adorable when she starts to babble!!! : )

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