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February 08, 2006


I watched this classic on Sunday after a very long time. This time I could understand the dialogues a lot more. (Lot of Urdu.) Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I was not bored even for a minute and that’s the highest praise I can give for a movie. I can’t remember saying that about any another movie in the recent past. I could see the passion the director had for this movie in every scene. I fell in love with the sets, the costume, the songs, the lyrics, the dance and last but not least, Madhubala. The expression she has while singing "Pyar kiya to darna kya" is priceless. Prithviraj Kapoor is absolutely fantastic. He does go overboard with his acting at times but the anger he shows in his face during that song is amazing. Dilip Kumar is just there in the movie. He did nt impress me much but for the one scene where he begs his mother with tears in his eyes asking for his love. It was very touching. "Teri Mehfil Mein Qismat Aazmakar" song was just awesome. Listening to this part

"Mohabbat Hamne Maanaa Zindagi Barbaad Karthi Hai
Ye Kya Kam Hai Ke Mar Jaane Se Duniya Yaad Karthi Hai
Kisi Ke Ishq Mein Duniya Lutaakar Hum Bhi Dekhenge
Tere Kadhmon Pe Sar Apna Jhukaakar Hum Bhi Dekhenge"

made me go crazy with weird thoughts. I wanted to be born in that period and die for my love. Then comes "Mohabbat Ki Jhooti Kahani Pe Roye" and after that "Pyar kiya tho Darna kya". I guess these 3 songs just sum up the movie. What awesome lyrics. I still can’t get over the warm feeling when I saw these songs three days ago. And the absolutely sensuous love scene between Anarkali and Salim with "Prem Jogan Ban Ke" song in the background sung by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan is, for lack of a better word, AWESOME. I think this movie would be the first Hindi DVD I would be buying. Very soon. Somehow Valentines Day does nt mean so silly to me now! :)
"Ishq mein jeenaa ishq mein marnaa
Aur humei ab karnaa kyaa"


Anonymous said...

Hi, please make sure that u get the recent Digitally Mastered and colored one.

I hope they Digitally master and color many other Tamil and Hindi old classics.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being away from this topic, is it true that wives neglect their hubby's after a baby is born. I mean the kid becomes the apple of their eye. So what abt the hubby. So wives have love for their hubby after having kids? Sorry if the question is stupid.

B o o said...

Anon1- It was the digitally altered, colored version I saw on TV. I could nt stop wondering what a Herculian task that would have been.

Anon2 - One fantastic thing about love is that it does nt diminish when you have more than one person to love. But we cant say the same about "time", can we? So we dont get much "alone" time! It goes both for husbands and wives as well! But it does nt bother that much because the baby becomes the apple of both their eyes! :)

Anonymous said...

Boo - my hubby went to theater to watch the late night show on the day it was released here (remastered color movie), notwithstanding none of us cud go with him as kids had exams the next day. He comes home at 3 i nthem orning, wakes all of us & says what a fantastic movie, he wudnt mind seeing it all over agn with us after the exams!!!!
And yessss, i love that qawwali too. Lyrics r absolutely class!!!! - J

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