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February 27, 2006

Nine, Ten. A big fat hen!

Ashu is 10 months old today and I have posted a crybaby photo of her. Damn! Sorry Ashu. Like every month I say, I can’t believe she has grown up so much. Only 2 months short of a year! I wish I have a 10 months old Ashu always with me while another Ashu grows up to be 1, 2, 3...100!! :) I wish I become small again and grow up with her and be her best friend. I hate the fact that I am going to be the one laying out rules for her and she is going to hate me for that. I hate it that I have to put the nasal drops in her nose while she screams. I hate it that I am the one who uses most of the NOs already.

Anyhoo, Happy Birthday Kiddoo and here’s a laughing photo! Thanks for giving me so many cherishable photos! :)

Ps. Big Boo took this photo.

Pps. I just learnt that cherishable is nt a word. Did you know?


Anonymous said...

This is more like it.. I miss you baby.. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ashu baby!!!

She looks sooo charming and cuuuute!! :-)


Anonymous said...

10 months & going wishes. Kannaliye mayakkara!!!! Jaya

Mad said...

I just found out that "cherishable" IS a word :-D


Anonymous said...

2nd that... it is a word.

Bet Big Boo convinced you that it isn't a word.

Anonymous said...

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