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February 02, 2006

To all the near and dear ones!

Ok. Boo has been neglecting the baby talk. It has been a while since I talked about my pregnancy. I don’t want to forget those 9 months and the Grand Finale anytime soon. I started writing a pregnancy journal for 6 months and then quit because it became so boring. I guess I need audience to keep myself going! Anyway, I had told the news only to immediate family after becoming pregnant and did nt know when and how to break the news to the rest. 3 of my friends were also pregnant then and when everyone was comparing notes, I had to try really hard to keep my mouth shut. The reason being that I did nt want to jinx it by telling the news very early. I don’t know if everyone has this fear but I was terrified of the word "miscarriage" and the pity I will get from people afterwards. So I did nt tell anyone until the 12th week when the Doctor did an ultrasound and everything seemed good. (One other pregnant couple were there in the hospital for a check-up and seeing us, they assumed. Small world!) Anyway, now to tell the news to friends and family. A "We-are-pregnant" mail seemed so boring. (Yes, "We" are pregnant. Anyway, "I" was going to deliver. So including the husband at least here and giving him some credit!) So I went to someone I always go for advice. Google! After a thorough search, hit on a very "original" idea and composed this and sent to everyone.

To all the near and dear ones:

Forgot where I got the inspiration. People who have seen this before can enlighten me! Another way of saying, "Yes. I stole the idea and forgot the source". I know, shame on me! But I did get lots of compliments for my original(!) idea. Duh! :)


Anonymous said...

For a minute, got shocked thinking that this is an announcement for the next one! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Well said S :-))

Anonymous said...

actually i thought so too!! :-))


Jagan said...

okka small mistaku ..april 2005 ah ? illa 2006 ah ?

original or not ..its a nice one :-)

SamY said...

ha ha, whoever came up with that one, it was just awesome kewl way to express it ;)

Unknown said...

HaHa looking at Jagan's comment, me is now wondering if you are hinting us something here :D LOL

B o o said...

Ok, major misunderstanding! Jagan - this was composed when I was pregnant in 2004 and the due was in 2005.

And I am still not over that one, so the next announcement will be like NEVER! (Well, not in the near future at least!!!)

B o o said...

And thanks S for starting all the confusion and I am honored that you think that I will let you know such a special news, if any, through this blog! :)

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