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February 01, 2006

Penty & Sonu.

I am in love with my new camera. My 4 years old charming little Pentax Optio 330 started dying a slow death and when I could nt take photos of my little girl when she was doing something cute, Penty had to be replaced. After a detailed research, went with my BIL's suggestion and asked him to get me Sony Cybershot DSC-P200. (Jee, its now in print that it was your suggestion. Beware!) I knew it was a compact camera but this is ultra compact. It is unbelievably small and so cute. (Penty is out of earshot so he won’t mind!) When it took almost 10 seconds to take a picture with my Pentax, it takes only like a second with the Sony. Very helpful if you have a baby who does nt hold a pose for more than a second. I am clicking away to glory and life seems so colorful and interesting all of a sudden.

Check out some of the photos taken with Sonu(!) in my photo blog.
And this is Sonu.


Hiren said...

Sony is indeed wonderful especially if supported by Global warranty. Hope you click many more cute pictures .

Anonymous said...

boo - nee dhool kilappu maa!!!! great snaps, happy clickings - J

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