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February 23, 2006

In the middle of chaos...

I am so busy that I don’t even have time take a shower. Not that I take a shower if I am not busy. But you get my point.

We are 8 people living in this little flat for the past 2 weeks and as if we have more room, my 6' 3" cousin dropped in to see us and stayed for 2 days. He left yesterday and today another cousin (only 5 feet thankfully!) is arriving. Oops, did I say 8? Forgot Ashu who is taking as much room as all of us put together, what with her toys, books, walker, chair, etc... My mom and another woman who is my sister’s mom-in-law and whom I call aunty and planning to adopt as my mom-in-law are slogging in the kitchen 24/7. When there’s spare time, all of us play cards (gamble should be the right word), go out for dinners, shop and watch movies. I have never had so much fun in this little flat since we bought it 4 years ago. The kitchen has a miserable excuse of a sink, the bathroom faucets are not fancy enough to be called even as taps, the servant maid does nt have even a spare tile to clean as there’s stuff everywhere. At any given instant, we have 1 PC, 3 laptops, 8 giant suitcases, 8 medium sized suitcases, a bucket load of dirty laundry and a bucket load of fresh laundry, one baby getting everyone’s attention, one baby feeling ignored(!)... The list goes on. My sis and BIL are leaving on Saturday. We have only 48 hours more and we still have nt covered Painted Platters(a dessert shop), an Indo-Chinese restaurant, a Pizza joint, Roadside Pani Puris, family portrait... The list goes on. On Sunday, Aunty and Uncle will leave and my dad too. I know Ashu is going to feel miserable after everyone leaves especially her PEPI, that’s what she calls her Uncle, my BIL. Anyway, right now its fun and that’s all that matters.

Ps. HD got me a Calvin and Hobbes book for Val day and a big bouquet of red roses. But C&H was dimmed by the sparkling of Gili diamonds my BIL got for my sis. Damn! But mere paas Ashu hai! :)


Unknown said...

Sounds like a lot of chaos and and a lot of fun Boo. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Memories last longer than the diamond...And you are etching it in the web...its going to last a long time...

I read a story once...jist is that you need to open your eyes and absorb all that happens around you...when you get old only that you absorbed would remain inside you.

Don't feel are being cherished as much only it may not be explicit.

Have a great time and find clarity in chaos.

Well Wisher

Just Like That said...

LOL @ Calvin and Gili!
Yeah, it does pale a bit...

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