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February 10, 2006

Not my gullible "baby" anymore.

Me: Can you wash the feeding bottles? I will make Ashu sleep. Or do you want to make her sleep? I will wash the bottles.

HD: How many bottles?


Anonymous said...

enakku puriyalai :-(

Unknown said...

Hope you got him to do both :D

Alpha said...

gullibe? who? hd or baby?

Unknown said...

me here after long long times, so ippo only me congratulating for 100th post :D

hehe@post...vevaramanavar dhaan :)

looks like Ferrari is still gullible, anubavam pathala :D

B o o said...

Ferrari - I assume you have PRaveens phone num! :)

WA - NO! :(

Alpha - note the "baby" is in quotes!

Praveen - Thanks. Vevaramaanavar aayitaar! ;) Can you be my official blog translator?

Just Like That said...

LOL Lazy guys ae fast learners!!

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