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February 06, 2006

Travelogue - Part 3.

Click for Part 1 & Part 2.

In October 2003, we leave UK again and come back to India where I learn German in the Goethe Institute for 6 weeks before going to Basel, Swiss with HD. Parents, in-laws, sister, friends,... the works! 2 years and we travel every weekend to some place or the other. The month of May seems to be our lucky month for travelling as in 2004, we went to Greece. Athens, Crete and Santorini. I wish I had just gone to Santorini for a week and lounged there sunrise after sunrise, sunset after sunset. But Acropolis beckons everyone to Athens. Awesome.
Tip - Don’t ask anyone how many islands are there in Greece and where to go? There are hazaar (Yes! approx. 3000) islands. Just close your eyes, point a finger on the map and go there. You will love it.

June comes. It’s our anniversary. Rather than staying in boring Switzerland (I know! It was deliberate!), we go to Vienna, Austria for the weekend. Wow is the word. It seems I can’t hate any city! Paris comes very close though but whoever said familiarity breeds contempt hit the nail and was probably married to Aishwarya Rai! We go to the famous Musikverein to see the Orchestra performing Mozart. Though we decided to go just to tell folks back home that we went to a music performance, we enjoyed it immensely. Especially when HD recognized a tune from his Mobile phone ring tone!
Tip - Two days are just enough for Vienna so combine a trip to Salzburg too. We missed it.

Aug 2004 - We are pregnant. One hell of a trip to the moon and back!

Tip - Just do it!

Sep 2004 - We decide we ll go to one more country and then retire. We go to Barcelona. Hola! Do you remember the story Joey says on Friends, "I was just outside of Barcelona hiking in the foothills of Mount Tibidabo"? to impress girls and then teaches Ross this story? Well, I did nt think there was actually a place called Tibidabo. But it is very much here in Barcelona and it is a lovely place. Antonio Gaudi, the architect has played around in the city. (We use the word "Gaadi" in Tamil to describe something bright , shiny and 'in your face'. The word was probably derived from Gaudi's name!) Cool dude, though! Pure Genius! Have to give it to him!
Tip - Don’t miss the Casa Mila and buy me a flat there for this tip! :) Also if you want to drink Sangria, don’t be pregnant.

Nov 2004 - We decide not to ignore Poor little Liechtenstein bordering Switzerland and go there. It’s the 6th smallest country in the world. The touristy custom is to get a pretty stamping in your passport, buy the cute postage stamps and coins! So we did exactly that! Another country to add in our kitty.

Tip - Just a day trip will do for this country which is 25kms North to South and 6km East to West.
This photo courtesy of as my Liechtenstein Photos are missing! :(

April 2005 - Delivered a baby girl. A trip to hell and back!

After 4 continents, 13 countries (Can I include the brief stop-over in Ethiopia and say 14) and more than 2 dozen cities in 4 years, a saga ends. But I can see a cloud of dust, some camels and a huge pyramid in the distance. Just how far away it is, I’m not able to tell. Can you, HD?

~ The End ~


LAK said...

Hope it's not a mirage! More power to you for your travels! i can just see you with a baby strapped to yourself, swaying atop a camel!

Anonymous said...

I love the first picture. The Blue and white one of Greek is so beautiful.

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