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January 23, 2006

Sandhu was 13 when she discovered the joys of exaggeration

If you are nt the Queen of Quick Tales, Ammani's reader already, this information is for you. She gave an opening line, 'Sandhu was 13 when she discovered the joys of exaggeration' and asked her readers to complete the story and send her. Mine was one of the stories that got posted in her blog. I am all teeth. :) Below is my story. Check out here for all the stories.

Sandhu was 13 when she discovered the joys of exaggeration. She got more friends in school, her parents gave her more attention and for once she got more listeners than her sister did. She was thrilled to be popular. Her trip to her native village during the summer holidays became a trip to Kerala when she told about it in school. Her consolation prize in essay competition at school became first prize with an Eagle diary (stolen from Dads cup board!) at home. She got a new cousin who sent her chocolates from America and a pen (boy) friend from Australia. Strange but true, she started believing what she said and the imaginary world she was creating to gain attention was very soon becoming her real world. It was hard to keep up with the lies and she spent lot of time thinking about new ones and not to get caught with the old ones. Sometimes she wondered if people knew what she was doing and were just playing along to keep her happy. The thought made her sad. But there was no stopping her. Nothing yet!


Anonymous said...

Nice one and congrats!

cvraman said...

Dream on dreams, until dreams come true

Anonymous said...

Thatz very nice. You must be thanking your sister every minute! See, she had been the inspiration for so many of your blogs!! Ha Ha Ha! What would you do without her?

Jokes apart, thatz a very nice story! You put your thoughts very nicely in writing!

Anonymous said...

Yes, really express your thoughts very well in writing....
And Congrats!!!


B o o said...

Thanks guys. :)

S - Nice try! ;)

Vidooshak said...

errmm... isn't the title supposed to read "Tid Bits" instead?


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