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January 18, 2006


Ashu looks at the Lord Krishna picture at home when asked, "Where’s Krishna?". She looked at the Krishna statue and a painting when asked the same question when we were at my parents place. Then we went to Madras and asked her "Where’s Krishna"? Before I pointed at the Krishna photo on the wall, she looked up and searched in different directions before seeing the photo and smiling at it. We were stunned. I thought it might have been a coincidence and tried again. She saw the photo again. In a friend’s house, she searched for a photo everywhere when we asked her. There were some other pictures but she did nt stop at them. She also looks at the ceiling when asked, “Where’s the fan?” but not every time. She does nt respond for any other questions like where’s amma or where’s appa. It’s really amazing. I don’t know if its all the more eerie because its God Krishna’s photo. But it’s really hard to explain as she’s too little to associate things and remember them especially since it’s not the same photo everywhere. They are different pictures of Krishna. Sometime she gives a lovely smile and says "Kaa" looking at the photo and I get goose bumps. I would give anything to know what’s going on in that little mind of hers!

She also said "Mamamama" for the first time yesterday after months of Thatha, Kaka, tata, dada, etc.. and a few “papapa”. I can’t explain how exciting it was to hear her say that for the first time. And when she saw her father after 2 weeks in Chennai, she crawled up to him in fast forward and hugged his legs. For the whole day she was following him wherever he went like a puppy. I would change her potty diaper all her life for that. So why would nt HD do it even for one day?


alone in my dreams said...

interesting. I should test this on my lil one.

Anonymous said...

This photo is from ISKCON right?
I always have a full sized version of this in my living room :-)

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