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January 16, 2006


Home sweet home! How much ever fun you have else where, it's always good to be back home is nt it? Ashu got some mosquito bites while in Madras and developed rashes and boils on her face and hands. It is horrible. Took her to the pediatrician today and the doctor said its because of allergy (to mosquito bites) and prescribed syrup (Alerid) and lotion (Lacticare). It's heart breaking to see the swelling and boils in her hands. But glad that it is nt anything serious. Strange how Bangalore mosquitoes did nt have this effect on Ashu! Another reason to avoid going to Madras if you know what I mean!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back :-)

And madras kosu vandhu new blood paatha udane kadichidiradhu. 2 days la pazhagidum. For us it is ook. But for a baby it is very tough :-(
All out ellam podaliya?

Anonymous said...

Poor child, take care of Ashu.
Well Wisher

cvraman said...

Was waiting for u to come back and say some thing, very smart way of saying why, not to travel to Chennai... blaming it on Ashu.

B o o said...

Ferro, "All out" in all the rooms 24 hours! Guess the madras kosus are "emans"!!

I will, well wisher!

cvraman, I would nt use the poor child for this cause. Do you need graphic photos of the rashes for proof?? Anyway, Im glad someone got my point! ;)

Unknown said...

Welcome back Boo. I loved the last sentence I am saying no more :) Hope the little one is feeling better now

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