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January 01, 2006


Since the time I remember, we used to go to the Uppili Appan temple near Kumbakonam (Kmu) every New Year’s day. After we moved out of Kmu, my dad and mom continued the tradition. If not my mom, then my dad would go. He has done it every year without fail for the past 25 years, I guess. When we were young, my sister and I used to get up at 3 am, take a shower, wear a new dress and watch my mom draw Kolam (Rangoli) as it was the Marghazhi month. She used to put huge color kolams and we would watch fascinated. My dad would always play the song "Happy little children" on the record and we used to dance around the pillars. New Year was extra fun as it had no religious customs and we were free to do anything we wanted. We would take a taxi (written "Vaazhga Valamudan" - Live prosperously - in the back) and go to the temple. Meet lots of our friends there; come back an hour later after visiting the temples on the way back home. My sis and I used to count the number of Star shaped lanterns on the way and compete on whose side had more stars. I cried if I counted less. While we came back, I insisted I sit on the other side as it had more stars and still lose as I would be still on the same side. Silly Me! We will come back home to some steaming hot Idlis and my dad would answer every phone call with a "Happy New year" instead of a Hello. New Year day was great because it was also Half-yearly holidays for schools and when the school re-opened in the first week of Jan, we can wear the new dress on the first day. After more than a decade, I am back in Kmu this year. Its bringing lots of memories back to me. Since we did nt want to disturb Ashu in the early hours of the day, I stayed back home with her while my parents and HD went to the temple. HD came back and told me, “Your dad asked me to count the stars on the way. Is he alright?"

Happy New year everyone! May the best of 2005 follow you into 2006.


Anonymous said...

A very very happy New Year to you, HD and Ashu! :-)
Take care

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and and ur family a great New Year ahead....


Anonymous said...

Oh.. Those star counting days!! Ashu will be counting in no time!

cvraman said...

Your dad asked me to count the stars on the way. Is he alright - LOL ... very nice blog.. I was also in KUM this new year :-)

alone in my dreams said...

Wish you and your family a very happy new year!

Viji said...

Are you from Kumbakonam?? Same pinch! :)
Now, don't tell me you studied at THSS!

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