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January 24, 2006

Travelogue - Part 2.

Click for Part 1 & Part 3.

In Jan 2003, inspired by my friend’s trip to Tanzania the previous year, we (read as 'I') do a lot of research (read as 'copy friends itinerary') and land in the Kilimanjaro airport. My mom, the travel freak, joins us too. We skip the trekking up Kilimanjaro part from my friend’s itinerary and do only the safari part. We covered Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire national parks. One word - out of the world! (Well, make it 4 words!) The whole trip was so fantastic that I can never ever justify it in words. Period.
Tip - What are you waiting for? Pack your bags!
ps. Can you spot the lioness in the photo?

A month later, we travel to UK again. The usual parents, in-laws, sister, friends’ routine follow and we buy a family annual pass at the Wax museum. In May 2003, we travel to Germany. Berlin and Munich. Neushwanstein Castle blows me over. Dachau Concentration camp chokes me. I loved every bit of Germany. An ugly beggar says Namaste and follows me for hours and asks if HD is my brother. By the time I tell my friends and sister about it, he starts looking like Denzel Washington!
Tip - Go in the peak season. We went in May and we were the only tourists walking on the roads and it felt weird carrying our bulky backpacks and cameras among the local crowd!

In March, I travel to the land of dreams USA. For a very long time, Foreign meant America to me and my sister was living there for 5 years and I was dying to visit her. So I travelled alone to SFO from London and the one month I was there has to be the best month of my life! It was like being with my sis again like we were a decade ago. Less fights this time! With 3 more friends(without our hubbies), drove to LA and SanDiego and had a blast. Best weekend of my life. Sadly, it was to be our last girls-only trip as all of our husbands realized what a huge mistake they did by letting us go! :)
Tip - Chuck the husband while visiting sister if you want to stay for more than 2 days and have more fun!

(To be contd...)


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. I think all husbands should have got together and have had a blast. Miss pannitaangaLe ;-) Anyways thanks for the idea. Idha vachi oru he-she ezhudhidaren ;-)

B o o said...

Ferro, they did! (Except mine who was in UK then.) But the thought that the girls were having so much fun without them spoiled theirs! :) Also, to and fro almost 1000 kms drive panni ozhungaa vandhu seranume nu kavalai dhaan! :)

Anonymous said...

Unga HD, agni natchathiram Janagaraj madhiri 'en poNdaati oorukku poitaa' appadinu paadi irupaar :-D

But up and down 1000 kms is really some achievement!

anantha said...

WOW... *sigh* Nanum.. poven.. one day....

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