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January 23, 2006


My dad, mom and FIL were here this weekend. Probably I should nt have told them I like surprise visits. Dads trip was official, Mom came to attend a wedding and FIL said he has some work but they were only a couple of phone calls. (Which he could nt have made from Madras itself?) But we all know the real reason behind all their trips, don’t we? Ashus charm is working wonders on them and she has literally twisted them around her fingers. So let me ask my most repeated question in this blog - What’s with the grand parents? Why are they going bonkers over this kid? I guess it will take at least another 30 years for me to know the answer with some personal experience!


Anonymous said...

that would be a long wait...but sure it will be a very pleasant one.

Just curious, why do you leave out "O" in some words?

B o o said...

Anon - You mean in should nt, could nt, would nt,... etc? Somehow it does nt(not!) sound right to my ears. Good observation, though! :)

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