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January 27, 2006

Ni9e is not as cool as Se7en. Duh!

Ashu is 9 months old today. Girl, now you can go back into my tummy again. I would take those 9 months any day!

I bet this is how Sania Mirza would ve looked like when she was 9 months old! :) Possibly Serena Williams designed the dress!!

Happy Birthday Girl! 3 more months and it will actually be your happy Birthday. Gosh, don’t grow up so fast. What's the hurry?


Anonymous said...

Sari cute po... She has grown up.. Her face has changed a lot. Looks a lot like you now!

Anonymous said...

Does she stand on her own? Walk?

Did you figure out which 9 months she might have liked the most?

Anonymous said...

Very sweet :-)
But appaviya look vidaraaLe unga kozhandhai ;-)

Unknown said...


s... says she looks like you? Me can't see the resemblance, think you ought to post some baby photos of you :)

Anonymous said...

Changed the picture! Now the fonts are visible! What was the problem?

B o o said...

Anon - She holds and walks. The answer to your question - If I knew, I would have sold a book and become a millionaire!! :)

Ferrari - May be that she got from her father!!

WA - Should dig around my mothers albums and get some when I go next time. Be warned!

S - If I knew, I would have sold another book and become a multi-millionaire!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your baby girl is very cute. My daughter started walking at 9 months too... the fun begins :)

Anonymous said...

is she dressed up like a butterfly or angel?

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