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March 23, 2006

Metti Oli!

My cousin was sleeping and her 3 year old daughter was playing near her feet and started fiddling with my cousin's toe rings. Cousin thought "anything to keep the child occupied" and let her play. After a while, the child woke her mom up and gave her 3 toe rings. When my cousin asked where the fourth ring was, she opened her mouth and pointed there it seems. The mouth was only the entry point. It had long gone into her stomach! Cousin was shocked and ran to a Doctor. The Doctor asked her to give the child lots of fruits and hope it comes out the next day! And it did! :) I think these are the dangers you wont be warned about in "What to expect" books! Anyway, now if someone(?!) asks me why I am not wearing toe rings(Pommanaatiyaa lakshanamaa!), I have a ready excuse to shut them up! ;-)

ps. Hat tip: My mom! :)


Premalatha said...

do they not warn these things in books? I thought these are obvious points.

(Please convey a "thanks" to your mom for that valuable tip).

Premalatha said...


Bringing up child is not an easy task. no book can cover the topic.

Priya Arun said...

There are some things we can never know from books.

Did you know ver-kadalai can be pushed up a nostril so far in that it gets stuck inside?! Yep, they can be. My uncle did that when he was a kid. So my grandpa gave him some mookku-podi to sneeze the kadalai out! :-)

P.S: I enjoy reading your blog a lot. Thanks - this is just what I need after a hard day's work.

ashok said...

so is ur cousin again wearing the 'same' digested toe ring?

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Aha! Good answer! Now what should one say when asked why they don't wear a taali?

Premalatha said...

metal/thread allergy. (nobody has been brave enough to ask me these questions. I miss all the fun.)

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

:O Prema we woulnd't want you to feel left out! So let me be the first brave person to ask you... ermm herm (that's me clearing my throat by the way) 'Yenna thaali potukku mate? Indha kaalathu girls la ippidi thaan -romba maadern'

There! You're now a member of the non thaali non metti wearing maadern girls club!

Premalatha said...

Thanks darling. LOL.

B o o said...

Ashok - Will ask my mom and get back to you first thing! ;)

Priya - Even I have heard kadalai, chick peas, pattaani, etc.. stories. Metti incident idhu dhaan first time!

Shufy - Probably Ashu will teach me an excuse for it too! Just waiting! :) For now, she uses it as a teether. Is that reason enuf?

Premalatha - I did nt know toe rings were hazardous until this incident! Anyway, no one has asked you? (before Shufy that is!) Hmm, lucky you! and the reasons you have said will never sell before "andha kaalathla.."" speech!

And Shufy - no one is going to ask this question this sweetly as you have I tell you! Try a lil bit harder girl! :)

B o o said...

Priya - Comments with compliments like this makes my day too! Thankoo. :)

Premalatha said...

Boo, here is another thing that could make your day (that is an additional day in credit which you can use it at a later time).

Balan is your secret admirer. He loves your writing. He is amazed by your maturity (in compared to my age/maturity proportions..)

B o o said...

Premalatha - You ve made my month! :) and "maturity"??? Its long time since maturity and my name were used in the same sentence! In that case, lets never meet in person and prove Balan wrong! ;)

*Sis, are you reading this? :) *

Anonymous said...

Maturity!!! What can I say?

Unknown said...

Great comments Boo, I am saying nothing :D

Anonymous said...

for all those who ask me "thaaali pottukaradillayaa"
my answer is
"adu jeans-tshirt oda ottu-p-pogaadu" ..


or better still
"bra-vula maatindu idikardu, kashtama irukku" [be loud when you say this..aprom anda maami unga pakkam tala vechu kooda padukkamaataa

Jagan said...

ninga sollurathu ellam patha , kozhandai valarkurathu is a big task nu thonuthu ....and i thought having a high maintainence girlfriend was tough ;-) ...

Deepti Ravi said...

convenientaa pocchu!! When i was that young i pulled out the button from my dad's shirt and shoved it down my nose!!;) Somehow kids... when they are young..they are curious abt everything...and we say stop!! And when we turn adults.. and stop being curious, ppl say... "interest eduthuko kanna!!"

ammani said...

Am I the only one who finds it funny? Bet your cousin's daughter is going to be haunted with this story for the rest of her life (nee chinna vayasula yenna panney theriyuma?).
A friend's son once told him, 'appa, the ver kadalai is safe inside my nose. don't worry.'

ammani said...

Oh, I'm a maadern girl too (in shoefiend's definition). But when I go to India, I wear a karugumani thali and kaala vizhundu-fy @ husband and suthufy thulasi maadam and hand him a suda suda kaapi in bed. and when he attempts to kurumbu-pannify, I say 'ennanga neenga...kaalangkaarthala aduvuma, chee ponga'.
I louwe the post and the comments it has drawn.

Anonymous said...

LOL@ Ammani's comment. It reminds me of some vijayakanth movie :D

BTW Ashu oda 11th month birthday eppo?

Anonymous said...

nice one! nice blog :D

B o o said...

ammani - My cousin with older kids found this incident funny but I did nt. It was scary! You know why!

and Ditto here! I am a diff girl when certain people are within 10 feet radius! :) HD pulls my legs too but shuts up coz hes being fed! :)

Ferrari - On Monday! And thanks for reminding! I almost forgot! ;)

Thanks Harry for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

no thaali,no metti,no pottu
not for shock value
but even pre wedding was not into jewelry n things
i did try for some time though...

on the main topic -
i swallowed a "koozhang kal"
i was so terrified i will die
and i was equally terrified of telling my mom and getting odhai
i didnt eat pazham so dont know if its been digested or gone to "kal eeral" or whatever


p.s - ammani did ur husband respond with nakka madakki oru look a la gabtun? (effect of ferrari's comment)

anubharat said...

ROFLOL. My god these comments really kept me laughing my heart out for the day

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