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March 28, 2006


"Is the card Queen spade?"
"See! I told you that I know magic."
"You must have peeked."
"You know I did nt. I can do it once more if you want. This time you make sure I am not peeking."
"Is it Ten hearts?"
"Come on!"
"Yes, it was. Tell me the trick."
"No way. My dad will kill me. I had to stand upside down for 3 days before I learnt the trick from him."
"Don't lie."
"I am no lying. I swear!"
"Ok, if you teach me the trick, I will teach you the card trick I showed you earlier."
"Sure? Promise?"
"God promise."
"Ok, you tell me first."
"No, you first."
"What if you don't tell me after I tell you?"
"I made God promise, no?"
"Ok. This is the trick."

But he never told her his trick. She did nt talk to him after that. And she was so angry and embarrassed that he cheated her. She was scared that her dad will find out and scold her for leaking the family card trick. But thankfully, that never happened. She just hopes that he has a guilty face when hes showing that card trick at a party even if its 15 years later!


Anonymous said...

When did this happen? Very nice narration?

ashok said...

wow boo..."Tricked" wud have been a good title

Anonymous said...

konjam ammani style?

ofcourse meant it in a good way


B o o said...

S - Read the post again! Does it say "I" anywhere? Ha ha ha! :)

Ashok - yes, that would ve been better! But in my mind, I was so upset that I let out the secret! So it stuck! (Oops, did I say "I"?)

bt - Probably I should put the disclaimer I had written earlier in all my "short ones" attempts! It is indeed inspired by Ammani. Chek out the "Excursion" post! I think its still in the sidebar!

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