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March 29, 2006

Baby Talk.

I am planning to write tips, advice, personal experience, etc.. about child care and try to make justice to this blogs name! Heres my first post on the topic. (Useful if you are in India/Bangalore and have a baby ofcourse!)

J & J baby cream is better than the J & J baby milk lotion. The cream does nt spread as easily as the lotion but its better especially if your baby's skin is sensitive.

Like I said earlier in this post, Huggies is definitely DOWN. Thumbs up for Pampers!

When you are buying stuff like walkers, high chairs, swings, cot, etc.. its better to buy them at big stores like Shoppers Stop, Life Style. Central, etc.. I know they are very expensive compared to the ordinary baby shops you find everywhere. But I scooted in the Jayanagar area and the chairs had sharp corners, some were even rusty. Toys have small parts, they break very easily and the battery operated toys just die after a few weeks.

I bought pajamas for Ashu in a baby clothes shop in Commercial street. Ashu wore it one night and the next morning when I picked her up, 2 of the four buttons on the shirt were missing. I was terrified. I found one in her cot but could nt find the other. I was sure that she had swallowed it. But thankfully, I found the other on the floor. So make sure you sew the buttons tightly once more before letting your child wear it. Or go for t-shirts!

Make sure the elastic in the baby clothes are nt too tight. Especially caps and booties.

J&J top to toe wash is better than using soap and shampoo. Makes your job easier. Or use it while traveling. Less messy.

If you are using wet wipes, the PIGEON brand (I have seen it in Life Style and Central) is the best. I have tried 4 other brands and all of them are heavily perfumed and gave rashes instantly after use. You also get Avent wet wipes in Life Style but they are way too expensive especially for wiping butts! ;) (I bought Pampers wet wipes once in LS but they have stopped stocking it now!)

For the first one year, its better to use some mild detergent for baby clothes and wash them separately. I recommend Wipro Safewash liquid detergent. You get it in all department stores. (Currently its on buy one get one free offer. So hurry!) But you CANT use it on front loading washing machines. Only for hand washing and top loading washing machines.

Thats all for this post folks. More as and when I think of something useful.


kuttichuvaru said...

hmm... experience talks.... but I really appreciate ur effort!!

ashok said...

hey thanks boo...just at the rite time
( sent these tips to my wife :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh soulmate
~ stay at home mom
~ 27 years
~ small baby
~ bangalore for now
~ and thinking of blogging
*watch this space*

Priya Arun said...

Now, THIS is bookmark material. (Not that I would need it for another year and a half, but never hurt to bookmark stuff!)

Thanks Boo! :-)

Kayjay said...

Hi. But why can't we use safewash for front load machines and what all liquid detergents can we use on front load??

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