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March 18, 2006

A rose by any other name... will not be remembered.

*(Update on this post in the comments section)*

I am not so bad at remembering names. I am actually good. Pretty good. But if I sense that the other person has forgotten my name, I pretend not remembering their names too. And if the other person assumes I must have forgotten their name, I promptly say their name and embarrass them. And if the other person admits not remembering my name after I have told their name, I am offended that they did nt think I left an impression on them. I am not that boring! (Perhaps they might ve remembered me if I were that boring!) Enough confusing you all. The thing is I am in a tight spot and have been punished for all the name calling! I cant remember a girls name. She is a friends wife. They re newly married and I met her for the first time in a party 2 months back. After that we did nt speak or meet each other. Then yesterday they call and come home and I cant remember her name. How can I ask the name of a person who has come home? I scratched my head but could nt remember. She has brought a huge stuffed bunny for Ashu. I cant remember her name. We were yapping for two hours and I could nt remember her name. By then it was too late to ask her. We don't have any common friends and I don't know whom else to ask. Adding injury to insult, we are going to her place tomorrow. And I STILL don't remember her name. I am thinking about all the ways I can indirectly ask.

So how do you spell your name? (What if it is something simple like Radha?)
So have you changed your name after getting married? (yes or no answer?)
So whats your initial? (hoping she ll tell her name along with her initial!)
Whats your email id? (mail me at gmail?)
So how does your hubby call you? (Honey?)
Last and definitely least, What is your name? (What if she wants the Bunny back? Ashu is already attached!)

Please leave your valuable comments on how to learn her name without letting her know what kind of an Idiot I am. Within 24 hours, if you please. The winning entry will get Maneka Gandhi's Book of Hindu Names! Provided I remember your name, that is!


Anonymous said...

just hope and pray that they have those fancy his & hers sort of name board on their door

did u try asking hd
men mostly seem to remember the name of friend's wife even though they sometimes forget their own wife's...

the email idea seems the best bet


Anonymous said...

or ask for her wedding album
since they are newly weds it shld be at hand's reach

there would be the inevitable shot of the floral decorated board saying sow:xxx weds chi:yyy

or for good measure they might have the wedding invite pasted in the first page

or the scrren printed album cover will carry the same details

*patting my back*

remember you heard it here first
hope u get to see my brilliant idea before ur visit


Anonymous said...

bt.. I don't think anyone can beat the wedding album answer.. That seems to be the best.. And I gave the idea of email address.. But thatz nothing compared to the wedding album.

Anyway another idea is to, take your address book and asking her to write her fone number/address in it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Another suggestion is to ask her kid (if any) 'what's your mom's name?'..just like starting a conversation with him/her. :)

Anonymous said...

surely the wedding album idea
is the best!!

But didnt your friend call her
by name even once when they were at ur place?!

Anonymous said...

no big deal.. you can always samaLichify with keywords like vaanga, ponga, ukkaarungga, saapdungga, innum konjam rasam pottukkongga, .etc.. it works for most of the time..

if you are in the verge of getting caught, change the topic like," podavai romba nallaa irukkee? conjeevaramaa? illai benaraSa?" fatafat.. she woudnt mind even if you call her kollangudi karuppaayi or paravai muniyamma..

later you can always call ur husband and find out her name for future encounters

[disclaimer : me, no mcp. i support blank noise. first time commenter. so disclaimer and all..]

Unknown said...

Really funny Boo.

Definitely can't beat the wedding album and the address book ideas, one of them has to work. Do let us know how you got on.

B o o said...

bt, whoever you are long live you! Actually, I did nt even have to ask for the wedding album. It surfaced within 15 mins of us going there! But the sad part was no invitaion or names in the album! Guess only the Tamilians show interest in such alpa vishayams! Anyway, I went to see the reception photos first to look at the backdrop of the reception stage where their names will be. But no luck there too. (Damn alpa Tamilians!)And then I hit jackpot in the muhurtham photos. Their names were wriiten in thermocol on the wall. But WAIT A SEC. Hear me out. Please take a seat if you are standing! They were written in Bengali! It looked like Hindi and I tried to read, I could make out the grooms name(since I know his name already!) but not hers. Damn! What do I do now? So I asked her if its Bengali and at last God showed me mercy and she read out her name. THANK YOU GOD! and Sunita for entertaining an Idiot at your house and playing with her daughter! Long live you! :)

B o o said...

SS - I ll try your idea with friends whose names I dont remember and who have kids in that particular age! :)

Laskhmi - No he did nt! BTW, her hubby calls her by another name it seems! I asked her after I found out her name. Thank God I did nt call her by that name! ;)

B o o said...

Prakash - Ya, I could have managed. But I WANTED to find her name! And FYI, we went to HER house and hubby was with me and he also had no clue about her name!

And bt, HD thanks you too! :) His exact words were "at last some use out of your blogs"!! :)

Anonymous said...

boo hmm kadasila ippadi oru twistaa?
cha namba mattum dhan ivvalo alpama?
news to me

i hv seen loads of maadu(marwari) or "northie" weddings" where there is a floral board but the problem is its normally the "mehtas and chopras cordially invite u" variety

- bt
actually am the "bangalore thangachi" who sometimes comments on dubukku's blog
i know for a fact from your blog am bangalore akka to u ;-)

p.s- all those who thought my wedding album idea was great thank u thank u!
major alpa sandhosham

Anonymous said...

I hope Sunita didnt read your blog/guessed that you had forgotten her name and decided to help u out by reading out her name for you!!!!!!!!! :-) :-)


ashok said...

draj...cant trust kids...."engappan kuthirkulla illa" (my dads not inside the Urn) story theriumla...

B o o said...

draj - My kid is nt old enough. And if I am going to train her on anything, it will be potty training first!! ;)

ashok - thats absolutely true and I have decided never to "use" my kid that way! But, lets see!

Jagan said...

ogay ..u kno her name now ..but does she read ur blog ? may b i will dothe honours of passing the msg :-)

B o o said...

Thanks Jagan. I will let you know her phone num, address and mail id like in my next life! :))))))

shub said...

ohh my what a predicament it would've been! glad your somehow managed! :)

Just Like That said...

LOl LoL.. Its really a pleasure reading thru your blogs AND the comments.
BT is a genius, but even geniuses can be stumped.

Yeah, post Namesake, I know all Bengalis have 2 names- aren't you glad you didn't call her by her pet name? :-)
Glad you survived...

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