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March 03, 2006

More than one reason to have a baby

Me: Amma wants to buy some gold bangles from Dubai through Aunty. She wants some money.
Dad: She promised me she would never buy gold jewellery again. What happened to that?
Me: They are not for her. She wants to buy them for me.
Dad: Why do you want gold bangles again?
Me: Actually Appa, they are not exactly for me. They are for Ashu.
Dad: How much does she want?

Now does this answer all the questions on why to have children?


Anonymous said...

Lets wait till you have a grandchild and see if you do behave in the same way!

Mysterious life

B o o said...

Mysterious Anon - We dont have to wait that long. I am very sure about it. The apple does nt fall far from the tree, right?

Anonymous said...

Very true! (and there isn't anything mysterious, just a little bashful)

Anonymous said...


Just Like That said...

Lol Lol lol

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