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March 19, 2006


I have been "Gillied" and I never knew. Especially my birthday post and all. It feels like a birthday present! Being recognized sure feels good! :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for dropping by.. been reading ur blog for quite some time. engrossing. esp ur post on 'female harichandran' :-) Actually i wasnt sure if you can read tamil in tamil :-) so, didnt care tell u that u've been gillied :-)

B o o said...

Aaaah! Enne oru avamaanam! Oru mara thamizhachi ku idha vida enna maanakedu vendum?
Thuninjavanukku Thookumedai! (Oh! Adhu vera pada dialogue!)
*Idhanaal anaivarikum therivikapaduvadhu ennavendraal,... You have got my point. I cant keep up Sutha Thamizh for long!* Oru ardent "Dubukku" fan ku indha nilamayaa? Beware Tamil bloggers, I am going to comment more on your sites!

Anonymous said...

he he. Naanum BOO peter party appadinu nenachen :-D

Premalatha said...

Prakash, you didn't tell me either (thaavani). People will be happy to hear if you gilli us. btw, I can read/write tamil, I am sure you know. (you didn't gilli me after that:( )

Hi Boo,

I have been reading your blog since blog-a-thon thingy. I am impressed with your posts in general. Have been just a silent reader.

Boo, birthday paththi eluthi, ungalakku vayasayiduchchunnu solli enakku payangara depression-a kodothutteenga. athulayum my birthday is nearing (in days), I am depressed too much these days.:(

(just kidding).

B o o said...

ferrari - I am hurt! :(

Premalatha - Me honored to have you here. I ve been a regular to your blog for a few months now. I love your writing and the post titled "Hungry" is my favorite.

radiantbear said...

Hi boo,

I like boo and thats what made me hope into this blog, Im new and I have not been reading ure for a long long time..

but hey its great!! :)

btw happy Belated B'day.


Premalatha said...

Me honored to have you here.

WOW. (thanks:-))

I ve been a regular to your blog for a few months now. I love your writing and the post titled "Hungry" is my favorite.

Thanks. I like that post very much myself. It has come out well, hasn't it? Do come back. Please do comment. (btw, today IS my badday, sorry, b'day. :-) )

B o o said...

Thanks NY for dropping by! And I have been blogging a "long, long time"? Well, that feels good! ;)

Happy Bday Premalatha. I ve left a comment in your blog!

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