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March 11, 2006


"Appa, please Pa!"
"No! You can’t go to the school excursion. "
"Appa please. Only this time. This is my last year in this school. I will never ever ask you again. Last time Pa. Please."
"I said No."
"I will take the money from my Undiyal (piggy bank) Pa."
"What? How much do you have in the Undiyal? Give me all the money now."
"No no. I will keep it safely. I will use it only for the excursion."
"Tell me how much money you want. I will give you. You can put it in the Undiyal but you can’t go for the excursion."

This was a regular conversation every year. He never let her go. She will cry for days. She will plan to run away from home, plan to kill her dad and then run away from home, plan to go to the excursion without telling her parents. But she did nothing. Until one year when he let her go after she pleaded a million times. She does nt have any fond memory of the trip. But she remembers clearly all the times he did nt let her go.

ps. My attempt to write a short one inspired by who else but Ammani! Laugh at me if its no good, kudos to her even if its just passable.


twip said...

Its dad's like this that make me wanna hurl!
Your post has invoked righteous anger in me for all the little un's!
I must say your story worked!

ambi said...

is it that child is you..?

still it could be ellabrated,anyway looks good.

Mad said...

Good one!! Very "Ammani" like in style, but somehow..I can still feel that it is your work when I read it.

kuttichuvaru said...

tat was a nice attempt!!

Unknown said...

Brings me back memories of all my arguments with my grandmother during the school holidays in the village. All her protectiveness makes sense now but it didn't at that time, I would argue in vain as to why I can't walk to my other grandparents house which was literally on the next street on my own. Good going Boo

Anonymous said...

Keep them coming :-)

B o o said...

Megha - Ditto here.

Ambi - Yup!

mad - my "work"?? Wow, Do u need my autograph too? :)))

Kutti - thanks!

WA - It still does nt make sense to me why my dad refused to let me go for the school trips! Protectiveness, that I understand now!

Ferrari - I will try! :)

ashok said...

first time to ur blog...very impressed by ur style...and this short story is really crispy!

hoping to see many more interesting posts....cheers!

B o o said...

Thanks Ashok. I just went by your site and Man, you are amazing! I just loved all your paintings. :)

ashok said...

oh really! thanks...keep visiting..

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