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February 24, 2010

At the breakfast table today - 2.

So there I was making tea and singing loudly "Govinda, Govinda Feel The Fire Govinda" while Ashu was drinking her milk.

Ashu - Amma? Did you say feel the fire? But fire is dangerous amma. You said I should nt play with fire!

Me - !!!!

What now? A woman cant sing(in my case yell!) peacefully in her own house?!! The little brat sings about cows jumping over the moon, black birds baked in a pie, boughs breaking and cradles falling without batting an eyelid but has problems with "feel the fire"? Is she kidding me? What kodumai, I say!

No Appa & Amma. I usually don't go about singing random Kollywood songs first thing in the morning. You both did nt bring me up that way. But today was an exception and its sort of a Saami Paattu anyway, no? :) And dont worry. I ll never ever sing "Kalyanam dhaan kattikittu odi polaamaa" in front of your beloved grand daughters ever. At least not this early in the morning! ;)


Ani said...

I am with you... my little brat asks me mommy why are you crying now when I sing(ok ok shout) eyes closed feeling from the bottom of my heart

Anonymous said...

Big fan of your blog here. Hilarious post :) Smita

Poppy said...

ROFL - can't believe this girl!

Just loved the P.S and whattay song I say *Odi poyi Kalyanam dhan kattikalaama*

ambulisamma said...

Should you not appreciate her for not commenting on how bad you were yelling?? She just wanted you to understand preach what you practise,tats it.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Tell me about it Boo ... I am so tired to singing these nursery rhymes all the time ... there are such gems out there and we mommies can't sing / enjoy any of them.

Just the lyrics of Odi poyi Kalyanam dhan kattikalaama sounds very intriguing :)

Choxbox said...


I threaten to sing if they don't do what I ask them to quick enough. Usually enough to increase their velocities exponentially.

p.s.: And all these years I thought I was a decent singer :( :)

Anonymous said...

எங்க வீட்டுல நான் தற்சமயம் அடிக்கடி பாடும் பாடல் "நான் அடிச்ச தாங்க மாட்ட நாலு மாசம் தூங்க மாட்ட, மோதி பாரு ஊரு போயி சேர மாட்ட" - ஏன்னா எங்க சின்னவர் வேட்டைக்காரன் அட்வர்டைஸ்மன்ட் அடிக்கடி பாத்து ஆனந்த படுவாரு! :) பாட்டோட வரிகளும் வசதியாப் போச்சு! நானாப் பாடலை, பாட்டுத்தான் அப்படி :))) உண்மையா ... எல்லாம் சன் டீவி கொடுமை! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo, this is my first comment on your blog...I think I ahve read most of your posts over last few months..what really prompted me to leave a comment was when I read one of your old posts at random a couple of days back on 'National Delurking day'...I actually did not evenr ealize at first the meaning of it ;-)...took me a while to figure out that it is exactly what I was doing :-)

Anyways, I really njoy my time reading your blog your sense of not so big on writing comments...but just wanted to let you know...that you got a lot of delurkers out there in the net who are great admirers of your blog....keep the fun going...ashu and antu are going to ahve a blast when they start reading your posts :)

MLC said...

too funny:-)

asmitha said...

hilarious yes. but something in your writes turns the reader off..

when you write in english why on earth do you ever add phrases like.. "yes know.." types!! Killing!!!

Man.. please brush up a little. thats old time.. you have better slangs this day!!

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