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February 27, 2010

Ashu and Antu - The almost five year old girl and the 20 months old baby.

It has been 3 months since the last update on the girls and Im shocked at how much they ve grown up in such a short period. I also went through my archives to read about Ashu when she was 20 months and got all teary. We came to Zurich when Ashu was 21 months old. So in another month, Antu will be that old and I feel a lump in my throat. Until now I ve always been picturing Ashu in our Bangalore house whenever comparing Antu to Ashus toddler days. I cant believe Antu is a big girl now. Just like the big girl who I brought with me to Zurich from Bangalore. And that in turn is making me realize how even more bigger Ashu is. Sigh! But the good news is that I ve every piece of Ashus clothes from that age in my basement. So you can kiss goodbye to new clothes, Antu! Nothing new for you anymore! :)
(Thats Ashu on the left aged 20 months.)

Ashu has gone through a remarkable change in a short time. I'm proud to say shes not a time bomb anymore. (hurray!) Shes very independent, matured and more responsible now. If anyone had told me that I ll live to see this day 3 months back, I would ve punched their face for kidding me!

Antu is already following her big sister. She wears her jacket, shoes, cap,... all on her own and waits near the door for me when we are going out. So what if the jacket buttons are not done and shes wearing the shoes in the wrong feet? Shes trying, is nt she?

Ashu is also slowly exploring the world of vegetables. I don't want to make a big deal about it because I don't want to jinx it. But I ll let you know that I'm wriggling my behind and doing a war dance and typing these lines with my toes! Right now its only raw carrots, corn and boiled and salted beans, cauli flower, broccoli, peas, etc... but Im not a fool to complain!

Antu is in the middle stage where she eats mashed food for meals and anything and everything during the snack time. I ve to slowly phase the mashed food out. But the good news is that at last, shes willingly drinking 2 glasses of a milk everyday. Im doing the war dance again here.

Ashu is having a busy life with school, skiing, skating, birthday parties, play dates,... She loves her school to bits. And that's the only reason she agreed to come back from our US trip. She also finally wished "good morning" to the teacher who receives her from the car every morning. Yes, after seeing the same teacher every day for the past 2 years - she finally said a word to her! She also has nt spoken a word to the skating teacher after seeing her every day for a week and to the skiing instructor after 6 weekends! I ll update again after 2 years on that front!

Antu is the total opposite here. Wishes everyone and happily goes to anyone. Loves outdoor. I take her to Kids Care in my gym at least twice a week and to a Mommy & Me music class once a week. She loves both. Theres this absolute joy in her face during the music class that I'm feeling bad for not taking her early on. Looks like music or dance will be her calling. And I'm not saying this only because she shakes her tiny butt to "Excuse me Mister Kandasami!" :)

Ashu went through this phase for a week where she ll come back from school, see what Antu is wearing and then go to her wardrobe and select clothes in the same colour. Drove me crazy when she could nt find the exact match and one time, I had to dress Antu in the same orange pjs for three days straight! Its never a dull day, I tell you. These kids come up with weird stuff just to keep us in our toes.

Whenever I yell at Antu, she screams "Akkaaaaaaa" and Ashu comes running to her. Once I had to hear a long lecture from Ashu on how Antu is just a baby and I should just give her what she wants and should nt be yelling at her. She even issued a stern warning - "Don't do this ever again, Amma. OK?" Of course, all this lecture is conveniently forgotten when Antu is grabbing something from her.

Though Ashu is protective and possessive about her sister, its Antu who has this unwavering adoration for her Akka and I can say with absolute certainity that Amma and Appa rank very lowly in her list. Especially Amma!! *rolls eyes* One can clearly see the divide that Ashu is a mommy's girl and Antu is a daddy's girl.

Ashu is very into reading and writing these days and even practises on her own a lot. So I ve to sit with her to help her out. Wonder why I'm paying so much for the school if I ve to do all the work! She also draws like theres no tomorrow. Her life ambition is to make a drawing for everyone she knows in this world. The other day she wrapped birthday gifts for her classmates using scissors and cellotape. Also wrote a happy birthday note and stuck it on the present. Without zero supervision from me. Though my hands were itching to rewrap the gifts, I resisted because Im a good girl. (OK. I was afraid to face the consequences if Ashu found out. Happy?)

Antu can sing loads of rhymes. Can point things and say what they are in her books. Can even recognize a few alphabets. She has none of the mazhalai(babbling) like Ashu had when she was this age. She speaks clearly. The only babble she says is busserbee which is butterfly. That's only because all of us at home keep referring it as busserbee and not butterfly because we are afraid she ll stop saying busserbee! I mean, wheres the fun then?

Antu is into Noddy, Dora, Diego, Mickey Mouse and Barney. She loves Good night Moon, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Polar bear Polar bear and the first words books. Oh and the nursery rhymes books. She can say what nursery rhyme it is in every page. And to think that we don't even read to her that much.

Ashu is still going strong with Dora, Diego,etc... and in books, she loves Curious George, Charlie and Lola, DW(from the Arthur books) and generally anything and everything if someone is ready to read it to her. I ve got her lots of Usborne early reading books and they are super.

The almost five and almost two age group is good. Its like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Only time will tell if its the light from an oncoming train. Till then, the going is good.


yaadayaada said...

So cute! Not showing this post to Pipappa.. Then he will definitely be flying over the Atlantic in no time!

Artnavy said...

i absolutely loved the last paragraph!!

lovely fun update-as i always maintain i see a lot of ashu in anush

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

what is life without lights from ongoing train :) if its end of tunnel it will be too boring, boo..

Sri said...

Such a cute post!I wish i had the patience and dedication to blog about everything that my daughter does..

"So you can kiss goodbye to new clothes, Antu! Nothing new for you anymore! :)"-Even after 22 years,my sister cribs that she had to wear most of my "hand-me-down" clothes!!;)

R's Mom said...

What a lovely post...its so much fun with two sisters :)

Sojourner said...

for the first time I read a post here without thinking on ways of contradicting something in it... loved it :)

Momo's Ma said...

nice update of the girls.LOL at wearing same coloured clothes and Ashu's stern warning.

Unknown said...

Loved the post and totally LOVED the last line. With two girls myself, aged 3 and 1 I am still waiting to see that light :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

How cute are these girls and how fast do they grow??

The thing about Dora ... so glad Antu's and Ashu have the same liking ... a mini war that used to start in our house few days back is avoided.

preethi said...

adorable picture of ashu holding antu in the sled, lovely gals.stern warning to amma lol.

Sumana said...

Lovely update of the girls. So you got yelled haan. This is the best part of bringing up 2 sweet girls. My ones are so happy when the other gets yelled at from mom or dad. The only time they both join hands is while doing some mischief and both have a deal in it.

Unknown said...

How adorable!! :) Lovely to read abt antu & ashu.

PS: the march artsy-craftsy is on.. U might want to send in an entry this time :)

Unknown said...

Award for u

The Print Lover said...

"Her life ambition is to make a drawing for everyone she knows in this world."

Thats a nice ambition to have. Really liked that line.

btw, check out

You had blogged abt her earlier, illa?

kg3 said...

good updates on ur kiddos....
seems like u write my thoughts...since im also a mom of 2 daughters....

if u can...pls visit

i would be honoured....

Poppy said...

The train part was just hilarious :-)

We're still in the time bomb stage - but instead of fire, what we have is tears :( Everything and anything makes her cry. Hopefully she'll become confident mature and what not soon :D

Ditto about EVERY single thing you've written about Antu and N. I cannot believe it!

Lovely post.

mim said...

my boys are almost in the same age bracket as your girls.
but how we are differnt is that the spouse is really the middle-child.
looks like you are doing good in that dept.

SwB said...

haha ... it was on a similar looking sledge that i nearly got my nuts crushed!

still snowing in ZCH i believe. waiting for the spring i'm sure.

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